Chapter 37 I Promise


*Jade couldn’t concentrate at work properly and Kyeongjun noticed. 


Kyeongjun: Babe, is something wrong?


Jade: *shakes head* No nothing’s wrong. I’m fine oppa. *fake smiles*


Kyeongjun’s mind: I hope so. I really hope so.


Two weeks later…


*Jade and Kyeongjun haven’t been going on dates for two weeks now and she hasn’t been answering his calls and texts making him worried.


Kyeongjun’s mind: What’s going on? 

Did something happen that I should know about?

I hope she’s okay.


Yedam: Still not answering, hyung?


Kyeongjun: *shakes head* No.


Daniel: I’m sure she’ll be fine, hyung, don’t worry hm? *puts a hand on his shoulder to comfort him*


*But Kyeongjun suddenly gets up and puts on his jacket 


Daniel: Where are you going?


Kyeongjun: I have something to do.

You guys can eat dinner without me.


Yedam: Wait, hyung-


*Before Yedam could finish his sentence Kyeongjun was already out the door 


Kyeongjun’s mind: Damn it, Jade, where are you?


Later that night…


*Kyeongjun motorbikes around the city trying to find Jade.


Kyeongjun’s mind: Where in the ing world is she?


*Just then he spots a familiar figure at the bus stop.


Kyeongjun’s mind: Isn’t that Jade?


Jade: Oppa, I’m so glad it’s you. 

We have to go now.


Kyeongjun’s mind: Where to? Did something happen? *tilts his head looking at her in confusion*



Incheon International Airport


*Jade drags Kyeongjun as they hurry inside the airport trying to find the boarding gate to the States. 


Jade: Oppa, faster!!


*Jade continues to drag Kyeongjun trying to find Kyehoon.


Kyeongjun’s mind: Why are we in the airport? 

Why isn’t she telling me what’s going on?


*Just then he turns around and finds Jade not beside him. He freaks out. 


Kyeongjun’s mind: Where is she?


Kyeongjun: JADE!!!


*Kyeongjun runs around the airport trying to find Jade when he sees Jade’s backside hugging another guy.


Kyeongjun’s mind: Wait, isn’t that-


*Suddenly Kyeongjun runs towards them.


Kyeongjun: There you are, Jade. I was looking for you.

You suddenly ran off on me like that.


*Jade breaks the hug and looks back at Kyeongjun.


Jade: Oppa


*Just then Kyehoon walks to Kyeongjun’s direction and sticks out his hand making him flustered.


Kyeongjun’s mind: *gulps* What now?


Kyehoon: Take care of Jade for me.

She clearly loves you more than I loved her.

So please whatever you can, please make her happy for me.


Kyeongjun: I will. *shakes his hand*


Kyeongjun’s mind: Is this guy doing what I think it is?

Is he letting her go?




*Kyeongjun and Jade hold hands as they leave the airport with Kyehoon. She looks at Kyehoon with a shocked look in her eyes.


Jade: You really are letting me go to him?


Kyehoon: *nods* I want what’s best for you and I know he’ll make you happy.

Take care of her for me, will you, hyung?


Kyeongjun: *nods* I will. I promise.


Kyehoon: Well then I’m leaving. You two have fun.


Jade: Will you be at school tomorrow?


Kyehoon: I will. *smiles*


*As Kyeongjun and Jade head off together he looks at her with loving eyes. 


Kyeongjun’s mind: I made a promise to her best friend that I’ll make her happy and-

That’s the promise I’ll keep. 

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