Chapter 12 Butterflies


After school...


*Jade waits for Kyehoon outside of the dance studio when Junhyuk suddenly comes her way and approaches her.


Junhyuk: So, Jade, how did you do on your final exam re-dos?


Jade: Oh about that- *shows him* I got all Bs! *squeals in joy*


Junhyuk: Really? That’s great! I’m glad to hear that! *high fives her*


Jade: If it wasn’t for you sunbae, I would have redone grade eleven so thank you.


Junhyuk: No problem. I want what’s best for you. So do you have plans this summer?


*Jade shrugs 


Jade: Not really, why?


Junhyuk: Well if you’re not doing anything, how about you go on a date with me this Friday?


Jade: A d-d-date?


Junhyuk: *nods* Look, Jade, I like you and-


*Jade looks at the ground fidgeting with her feet slightly surprised by his sudden confession.


Jade: I can’t. *murmurs*


Junhyuk: Huh? 


*Jade looks up and blurts out 


Jade: I can’t accept your feelings, sunbae.

I like someone else. I’m sorry.


*Jade quickly walks away leaving Junhyuk dumbfounded by what just happened in front of him. She runs out of the school and bonks into-


Jade’s mind: Kyeongjun oppa? What is he doing here?

Wait, why do I care?
He doesn’t even like me back.

He probably hates me.

It was a waste of time for me to like him anyways.


*Jade sighs deeply and walks away when someone suddenly calls out her name.

The figure approaches her and she recognizes his face. It’s Kyeongjun again.

Jade ignores him and tries to walk away from him but he suddenly grabs her wrist and pulls her in closer to him. 


Jade: What are you doing? Let go!


Kyeongjun: Jade, please can we at least talk for a second?


Jade: About what? Huh?

So you can yell at me and be cold to me?

You know oppa I don’t understand you at all.

How can you be nice to me one day and suddenly be cold to me the next day?

Why do you have to play with my heart like that?



*Kyeongjun suddenly cuts her off as he pulls her into his embrace. She tries to push him away from him but the more she did so, the more he pulled her tighter. She started hitting his chest bursting out in tears.


Jade: I hate you oppa!

I hate you Woo Kyeongjun!

Why are you being like this to me?



*Just then Kyeongjun grabs her and slams his lips onto hers. She gets surprised by the sudden kiss at first but she soon melts into the kiss. She starts kissing him back. Soon it became passionate as the two lips synched with each other. All the emotions of hatred and confusion built up inside of her quickly melted away due to his kiss and his embrace. She could feel her heart pounding against her chest and her face flushing red. She started to have butterflies inside of her. It has been a while since she had this kind of feeling and she liked it.

After all, he became her new lover. 


Jade’s mind: You may be confusing, oppa, but one thing I do know for sure is that you are the one that shakes my heart. 

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