Chapter 26 Not Good Enough


A month later…


*Summer have passed and it’s time for second semester. 


*Jade groans while banging her head against her desk. Kyehoon looks at her worriedly.


Kyehoon: Jade, what’s wrong? 


*Just then she receives a text message from-


Kyeongjun: Babe, I miss you already. After school I’ll pick you up. See you then


*Jade smiles seeing Kyeongjun’s text message. Kyehoon peeks over to see what she’s up to.


Kyehoon: Let me guess your boyfriend?


*Jade nods as she puts her cellphone close to her chest and sighs happily. Meanwhile Kyehoon takes a deep sigh.


Kyehoon’s mind: When will you ever accept my feelings? How come waiting for you to like me back feels like an eternity?


Later after school…


*Jade and Kyehoon talk as they head to the school gate together.


Kyehoon: Hey, Jade, do you want to go to the library to study after school?


Jade: I can’t Kyehoon ah. I have plans with my boyfriend. Maybe next time hm?


Kyehoon: It’s okay.


*Suddenly Kyungmoon, Amaru, and Haruto approaches them. Kyungmoon puts an arm around Kyehoon’s shoulder.


Kyungmoon: Lee Kyehoon, let’s go to the arcade today!!


Amaru: Come on it’ll be fun!


Kyehoon: I don’t know you guys I-


Haruto: No more excuses young man! Let’s go!!


Jade: Have fun you guys! See you tomorrow Kyehoon!


Kyehoon: Uh yeah sure but-


*His friends drags Kyehoon away before he could say anything else.


Later at the arcade…


Kyehoon’s mind: Why can’t we just hang out together like the good old days? Can’t we just be together like we did before? *tears fall down his face as their past memories flows into his mind*


Flashback throughout the years


*Kyehoon and Jade laugh playing video games, playing tag, and spending time at the library reading books together.


End of flashback


Kyehoon’s mind: When we were little you promised me that you and I would be boyfriend and girlfriend-


Another flashback


Ten years ago...


*Kyehoon and Jade play in the mud and chase each other around. They land on the ground covered in mud. They laugh.


Kyehoon: This is fun.


Jade: I know right? You know Kyehoon I like being with you. You’re so fun to hang out with.


Kyehoon: Really? Then you can always be with me. I’ll make everyday fun.


Jade: Really? Someday when I grow up I want to be your girlfriend.


Kyehoon: What? *gets flustered*


*Jade suddenly pecks Kyehoon’s cheek and runs away. Kyehoon puts a hand on his blushing cheek touching the spot she pecked. He runs after her.


Kyehoon: Wait up!! *laughs*


End of flashback


Kyehoon’s mind: But why does it feel like to me you’ll never keep the promise we made?


*Kyehoon slams his hand on the racing game wheel


Kyehoon’s mind: I don’t understand how you’ll suddenly leave me and date a guy like him.

He’ll never be good enough for you.

I’m the best guy for you.

But how come you don’t understand that? Why?
Why does my life always have to be this way?


*Kyehoon leans his head against the racing game wheel sobbing his eyes out. Kyungmoon notices.


Kyungmoon: Dude, are you okay?

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