Chapter 19 Only For You


*Kyeongjun wakes up early that night to get ready for the first date.


Kyeongjun’s mind: Ugh I don’t know what I’m going to wear.

I mean I haven’t gone on a date for a while.


*Kyeongjun rummages through his bedroom trying to find the perfect outfit. He ends up making a huge mess and the noise was so loud that it woke up his roommates. Daniel and Yedam enters his bedroom and gets surprised by clothes everywhere.


Daniel: What are you doing?


Yedam: What is the meaning of this?


Kyeongjun: God dammit!!


*Daniel and Yedam look at each other confused wondering what’s going on.


Daniel: What is this mess for?


Kyeongjun: I’ll tell you guys later. I don’t have much time.


Yedam: Let me guess-


Daniel: Date with a girl today?


*Kyeongjun nods and quickly runs around the bedroom trying to get ready for the date.




*Daniel and Yedam are eating breakfast talking amongst themselves when Kyeongjun heads to the living room and puts on his jacket.


Yedam: Are you leaving now?


Kyeongjun: I’m going now. *salutes and heads out*


Daniel: Wait hyung, how about breakfast? HYUNG!!!


Yedam: *slaps the back of his head* Let him be. 

It’s been ages since he went out with a girl anyways.

He deserves happiness in his life.


Daniel: True.


*Kyeongjun motorcycles to her house and he knocks on the door hoping that Jade would answer but he was greeted instead by-


Sungjun: Who are you?


Kyeongjun: Is Jade ready yet?


Sungjun: Hold on.


*Sungjun heads upstairs leaving Kyeongjun alone in the living room. He looks around the house when a picture catches his eye. It’s a picture of Jade with a guy from few years ago.


Kyeongjun’s mind: Whose he? And why does she seem so happy with him?
Could he be her ex-boyfriend?


*He hears the sound of footsteps coming down the stairs. He puts the picture down, turns around, and makes eye contact with Sungjun.


Sungjun: She’s still getting ready.


Kyeongjun: I see.


Sungjun: Just wondering, who are you and why are you going out with my sister?


Kyeongjun: Huh? 


Kyeongjun’s mind: Why is he asking me this? What is this kid anyways?




*Kyeongjun and Sungjun sits on the couch waiting for Jade to come down. Sungjun has been glaring at Kyeongjun  and asking him endless questions the whole time making him uncomfortable.


Sungjun: Who asked who out first? And who kissed who first?

What do you even like about my sister anyways?


Kyeongjun: I uh-


*Sungjun rolls his eyes and crosses his arms in annoyance.


Sungjun: Do you really think that I’ll let my sister date you?


Kyeongjun: What? 


*Just then Jade comes downstairs and Kyeongjun notices her. He opens his mouth in shock admiring the beautiful girl in front of him. She scratches the back of her head awkwardly.


Jade: So oppa do I look okay?


*Kyeongjun nods avoiding eye contact with her.


Kyeongjun’s mind: She looks so beautiful.

I can’t believe she’s my girlfriend now. 


Kyeongjun: *breaks the awkward silence* Do you wanna go?


Jade: *nods* Sure 


*Sungjun sends them off with a sudden warning to Kyeongjun making him gulp. 


Sungjun: If you dare break my sister’s heart you’re dead, you hear me?




Sungjun: Don’t be afraid I warned you. *motions with his hands “I’m watching you” before he slams the door shut*


Jade: *facepalms* I’m sorry about that oppa. He can be a handful.


*Kyeongjun chuckles 


*They head off together on their date




*Jade and Kyeongjun have a good time enjoying their date at the aquarium. As they spent more time together that day he has shown her the more caring and sweet side of himself because he had truly opened his heart towards her. There’s no turning back now. It’s only her that makes him this way. 


*Jade and Kyeongjun hold hands as they approach the front of her house. His jacket on her shoulders.


Jade: Thank you for today oppa. I had a good time.


Kyeongjun: Me too. Text me when you’re inside.


Jade: I will.


*Jade and Kyeongjun look at each other for a long time before he leans in and gives her a goodbye kiss. The two enjoy their little moment together when there was an interruption from-


Sungjun: What in the world are you two doing?


*Jade get flustered and push Kyeongjun away from her.


Jade: I should get going now oppa.


Kyeongjun: *nods* Bye.


*Jade waves to Kyeongjun with a huge smile on her face. Sungjun rolls his eyes and drags Jade inside. He chuckles and thinks to himself. 


Kyeongjun’s mind: My heart may have grown cold over these years but not anymore. 

Now my heart will always beat for you.

Only for you.

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