Purrfect Love


“True love is finding your soulmate in your best friend.” -Anonymous

Mimi has been living in the streets for a year hoping that her abandoned owners would come back to find her. Until one day she met Hwall and it changed her life forever. As she gets closer to him, she discovers the meaning of purrfect love. 


Character Descriptions

Mimi/Hur Hyuna (cat age: 3 human age: 28)-A white Scottish Fold she-cat with big jade green eyes. A mischievous troublemaker with huge curiousity. She doesn’t know the true meaning of love until she met Hwall.  

Hur Hyunjun (22) (Hwall)-Mimi’s new owner and Dareum’s best friend. A chic and mysterious guy but has a soft side. He doesn’t know how to express his feelings easily to a girl he likes but it changed when he met Mimi. 

Bae Inhyuk (24)-Mimi’s previous owner. A cold and mysterious guy. He feels bad for betraying Mimi without any warning and wants to have her back. 

Also stars:

The Boyz

*Author's note: This is what I imagine Mimi to look like in cat form


This story has now won second place for my university creative writing fantasy writing contest


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