Chapter 27 It's All My Fault




*Jade lies down in bed refusing to do anything today. She ignores all the text messages and calls from Kyehoon and Kyeongjun. As she comes out of the shower she admires the pictures of her and Dareum on the vanity table. She sighs deeply while looking at them.


Jade’s mind: I miss you so much Dareum ah.

If only you hadn’t died two years ago.

It’s all my fault that you’re not here with me.


I’m so sorry Dareum ah I’m so sorry *bursts into tears*


*Soon Jade cries herself to sleep. 


Later that day…


*Sungjun knocks on her bedroom door


Sungjun: Nuna, are you in there? Open up please!


Jade: Leave me alone, Oh Sungjun! I’m not in the mood!


Sungjun: Nuna please open up!! *starts to bang on the door*


Jade: I said leave me alone!!


*Jade covers her face with the blanket. She continues to sob miserably to herself. Soon she heard the sound of footsteps coming down the stairs.


Jade’s mind: If only there was a way to bring you back…

I miss you so much Dareum ah.

Why does it hurt so much to lose a part of me?


Later that night…


*Jade has arrived at Hankang River alone and leans against the railing bursting into tears.


Jade’s mind: If I fall off of here, I’ll die, right?


*Jade tries to push herself off the railing when she heard a familiar voice from a distance.


Kyeongjun: Jade, what are you doing?


*Jade turns around and finds a crying Kyeongjun in front of her. She gets flustered.


Jade’s mind: Kyeongjun oppa? What’s he doing here?


Jade: Oppa, what are you doing here?


Kyeongjun: What are you doing standing there? Are you trying to get yourself killed?


Jade: Please just let me die! Please!!

Don’t you know what it’s like to lose something or someone important to you and you regret it?

Don’t you ever wish that you could turn back time and prevent it from happening?


Kyeongjun: What are you saying?


Jade: I’ll rather die than to regret my past. 


*As she pushes herself off the railing she closes her eyes hoping that she would land in the water and drown herself to death but instead she got greeted by a warm embrace. She slowly opens her eyes and sees Kyeongjun embracing her. She starts to tear up as the emotions pour over her. 


Jade: *tries to pull him away from her* Oppa, what are you doing? Please-


Kyeongjun: And what? Let you kill yourself? 

Are you ing crazy?


Jade: What do you know, oppa?

What do you know, huh?

You don’t know the pain I’ve gone through.


Kyeongjun: No I do. Your stepbrother told me everything.

He told me about the death of your first love and that you’ve been depressed about it ever since.


Jade: What?


Kyeongjun: Look, Jade, nothing is your fault, okay?

So stop blaming yourself.


*Jade hits his chest bursting into tears.


Jade: No, it’s all my fault.

I deserve this hell in the first place.

I killed him, oppa?

Don’t you get it?

I killed him… I killed him…


*Kyeongjun pulls her into his embrace and her hair trying to comfort her. She hugs him back as tears pour down her face.


Jade’s mind: Please promise me that you won’t leave me, oppa. 


I need you.

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