Chapter 3 My Gravity


*After the first encounter she had with the handsome stranger she met at the party she couldn’t get him out of her mind. She couldn’t concentrate properly at school and Kyehoon noticed.


Kyehoon: Earth to Jade! Earth to Jade! *waves his hands in front of her*


*Jade looks up at him and snaps back into reality


Jade: Huh what?


Kyehoon: Dude, you’ve been blanking out on me the whole day.

Is something wrong?

Or did something happen that I should know about?


Jade: Oh nothing. *sighs happily*


Kyehoon: Are you sure? 

Because you’re blushing.


*Jade quickly covers her face with her hands


Jade: N-N-No I’m not.


Kyehoon: Oh come on tell me. 

You met someone at the party, right? Right?


Jade: *nods* I did.

He’s so dreamy.

I never met anyone handsome like him before.

I hope I see him again.


Wednesday evening…


*After school Jade waves goodbye to Kyehoon as he drops her off in front of the library. She enters the library ready for her first day of her new part time job. She bows to the head librarian.


Jade: I’m here.


Head librarian: Are you ready for your first day?

Jade: I guess.


Head librarian: You’ll do fine. *pats her shoulder* But who’s going to train you?


*Just then Kyeongjun walks in and Jade recognizes him instantly. It’s the guy she first met at the party and fell in love with at first sight.


Jade’s mind: OMG it’s him 

It’s really him 

Oh thank you for answering my prayers *thanks the heavens*


Head librarian: Woo Kyeongjun, can you train her for the next couple of days?


*Kyeongjun doesn’t answer and quickly walks away leaving her pouting.


Jade’s mind: What’s with him? 


*Jade says as she follows after him.


A few days later…


*Kyeongjun has been training Jade for the library job. She thought that she would get closer with him as time went by but all she got from him is coldness and more coldness and it annoyed her.


Jade’s mind: Why is he being like this to me? 

Sometimes I just don’t understand guys at all.




*Jade has been busy shelving books during one evening shift while Kyeongjun handles other duties. She massages her shoulders from shelving the top shelves for a while.


Jade’s mind: Ugh I never knew this job would be so demanding.

Being a librarian isn’t easy.

Speaking of easy…

*looks at Kyeongjun*

Why is he so hard to understand?

He was nice to me at the party and now he’s cold to me.

*tilts her head*

Boys are confusing.

But I’m not gonna complain because-

*sighs happily as she looks at Kyeongjun working*


*Jade gets mesmerized by his handsome and attractive visuals. She was starstrucken by the handsome boy in front of her. He had taken her heart again completely. Though she was stressed from the demanding duties in her new job she could feel them all melt away.

She’s been too busy admiring him from afar that she didn’t realize that she had lost her balance on the ladder. 


Jade: Whoa… Whoa!!


*Jade loses her balance as she misses a step on the ladder and she falls. She expected to land on her bottom but she could feel a strong figure from behind supporting her. She looks back and sees Kyeongjun behind her. They make eye contact with each other for a while. But this time she could feel butterflies in her stomach and her face flushing tomato red.


Jade’s mind: I promised myself I wouldn’t fall in love again but-

But it’s hard for me to keep this promise.

For I have fallen for you.

You’re the gravity to my heart.

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