Chapter 24 Be Your Happiness


A month later…


*Summer have passed and it’s time for second semester. 


*Jade groans while banging her head against her desk.


Jade’s mind: I hate school. I hate studying. I hate my life.


*Kyehoon looks at her worriedly.


Kyehoon: Jade, what’s wrong? 


*Jade doesn’t say a single word and continues to groan.


Jade’s mind: Why does summer have to be so short? Why can’t it be longer?

*Just then she receives a text message from-


Kyeongjun: Babe, I miss you already. After school I’ll pick you up. See you then


Jade’s mind *smiles* He always makes my day.


*Kyehoon peeks over to see what she’s up to.


Kyehoon: Let me guess your boyfriend?


*Jade nods as she puts her cellphone close to her chest and sighs happily.


Jade’s mind: He’s the best thing that ever came into my life.


Later after school…


*Jade and Kyehoon talk as they head to the school gate together.


Kyehoon: Hey, Jade, do you want to go to the library to study after school?


Jade: I can’t Kyehoon ah. I have plans with my boyfriend. Maybe next time hm?


Kyehoon: It’s okay.


*Suddenly Kyungmoon, Amaru, and Haruto approaches them. Kyungmoon puts an arm around Kyehoon’s shoulder.


Kyungmoon: Lee Kyehoon, let’s go to the arcade today!!


Amaru: Come on it’ll be fun!


Kyehoon: I don’t know you guys I-


Haruto: No more excuses young man! Let’s go!!


Jade: Have fun you guys! See you tomorrow Kyehoon!


Kyehoon: Uh yeah sure but-


*His friends drags Kyehoon away before he could say anything else. Jade chuckles and waves to him. She heads to the school gate and finds Kyeongjun already there leaning against his motorcycle with a cigar in his hand. She approaches him.


Jade: Oppa!! *runs to him*


Kyeongjun: *nods* Wanna go?


Jade: Sure but first *grabs the cigar from his hand* You know I don’t like you smoking in front of me oppa.


Kyeongjun: Right sorry. *steps on it and throws it away*


Jade: You promise you won’t do it in front of me anymore?


*Kyeongjun gives her a quick peck on the lips to confirm his promise and gets on the motorcycle.


Kyeongjun: Are you coming or not?


*Jade nods and hops on after him. She covers her flushing face.


Jade’s mind: That guy is always full of surprises.




*The KyeongAde couple arrives at Kyeongjun’s apartment for a date together. Jade looks around the place.


Jade: So this is where you live?


Kyeongjun: *nods* Yeah with a couple of roommates.


Jade: Roommates? I thought you lived alone.


Kyeongjun: *shrugs* I used to but then-


Jade: Then what?


*Kyeongjun grabs a bottle of beer from the fridge and sits down on the couch with his feet up on the table.


Kyeongjun: It’s complicated.


Jade: Okay I see. I’m sorry to hear that. 


*Kyeongjun nods and chugs the beer without saying anything else. Jade continues to look around the apartment when a picture catches her eye. It’s a picture of a young Kyeongjun with a girl beside him at an orphanage. 


Jade: Oppa, what’s this? *asks as she shows it to him* Whose she? 


Kyeongjun: That’s me and my older sister when we were young.


Jade: But why are you two at an orphanage? Is there something you aren’t telling me, oppa?


Kyeongjun: Me and my sister were abandoned by our parents when we were young so we lived in an orphanage for most of our life. We got adopted when I was 10 and when she was 14. I thought we would be able to live a normal life for once after that but- 


Jade: But what, oppa? What is it?


Kyeongjun: Three years ago she passed away. She’s gone, Jade, she’s gone! She’s never coming back! It’s all my fault!!


*Kyeongjun bawls into tears and cries in Jade’s embrace.


Jade: I’m so sorry, oppa. I’m so sorry about your loss.


*Jade pats his back trying to comfort him.


Jade’s mind: Is this why he was so cold to me earlier? Because he was scared of losing me too like he lost his sister?




*Jade and Kyeongjun cuddle on the couch, kissing each other, and enjoying each other’s company.


Jade: Oppa, are you okay now?


*Kyeongjun nods


Jade: You don’t need anything to cheer you up? I can order takeout. 


*Jade gets up from the couch but Kyeongjun suddenly grabs her wrist and pulls her closer to him. She lands on top of him on the couch, his breathe so close to hers, and he slams his lips onto hers. 


Jade’s mind: What’s he doing? Why is he suddenly being like this?


*Though she’s surprised by his sudden action she quickly melts into the kiss and kisses him back. Soon their moment becomes passionate and hotter than ever before. Until-


Yedam: Kyeongjun hyung probably went on a date with his girlfriend, right?


Daniel: Probably. I mean he should be-


*Daniel and Yedam freak out when they see what’s going on in front of them.


Daniel & Yedam: AHHH!!!


*Kyeongjun and Jade gets flustered by the sudden situation. She gets off of his lap and lands on the couch. She adjusts her uniform. 


Yedam: Hyung, y-y-you were here with your girlfriend this whole time?


Daniel: How come you didn’t tell us?




*Daniel, Yedam, Jade, and Kyeongjun eat pizza and chicken together.


Daniel: So let me get this straight, she’s your girlfriend?


Yedam: Since when?


Daniel: Don’t tell us she’s the girl you met at the party that day?


Kyeongjun: *nods* She is.


Yedam: WHAT???? But how in the world did you two start dating in the first place?


Kyeongjun: Look, it’s a long story, alright? Now stop asking me! You’ve been asking me this since she got here.


Daniel: Sorry 


Yedam: We promise we’ll shut up.


*Daniel and Yedam pretend to seal their lips with an imaginary zipper. Kyeongjun rolls his eyes and eats in silence.


Jade: *chuckles* Oppa, your roommates are quite funny. *tugs on his sleeve* I should come here often. I like it here.


Yedam: Really? You think we’re funny?


Daniel: You can come here whenever you want, Jade. It’s our pleasure. 


*Kyeongjun suddenly stands up and leaves the apartment. He slams the door shut behind him. Jade gets flustered.


Jade: Oppa, where are you going?


*Jade tries to follow after him but Daniel and Yedam stops her from doing so.


Daniel: Let him be.


Yedam: That hyung will always be a fussy puss.


Jade: I see.


*Jade grabs a chicken wing and bites into it. Random thoughts start to flow into her mind. 


Jade’s mind: I hope he’s okay. Did I say something that made him angry?


Later that night…


*Kyeongjun walks Jade home and the way home was awkward. Jade thinks what his roommates said to her earlier today.




Daniel: But he did change alot after he met you.


Yedam: He did. He refused to even leave the house and talk to anyone when we first met him.


Daniel: And he did smoke and drink alot.


Jade: Let me guess it’s because of his sister’s death, right?


Daniel: Well partly that, but it’s more because of his past love relationships.


Yedam: That guy had gone through so much. 


Jade: Wait, what? Past love relationships? What do you mean? I thought I was his first love.


Yedam: He didn’t tell you? 


*Jade shakes her head


Daniel: You see, he was cheated on and dumped by his ex-girlfriends. I have never seen so heartbroken like that before. 


Yedam: But you, you changed him, Jade. He needs you and you need him.

You’re the only one that can heal his broken heart.


Daniel: So please take good care of our hyung for us. 

Please make him happy.


End of flashback


Jade: Thanks for today oppa.


*Kyeongjun nods without saying anything. He tries to walk away from her but she suddenly runs up to him and backhugs him. Tears fall down her face.


Jade: Oppa, I heard what happened about you and your past relationships. I know what you have gone through for all these years. And I just want to let you know that you don’t have to worry about having your heart broken when you’re with me because I-


*Before Jade could finish what she was going to say Kyeongjun suddenly turns around and kisses her. She kisses him back and soon the moment becomes burning passionate.


Jade’s mind: I’m so sorry about what you’ve gone through, oppa. But I’m not like those other girls. I’m going to be your happiness.

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