Chapter 21 Only Guy I See


Sunday morning…


*Jade heads out of her house and there stood Kyeongjun leaning on his motorcycle. Jade’s eyes sparkles as she admires him in front of her.


Jade’s mind: He sure is hot. I’m so lucky to be in love with this boy.


Jade: Oppa~


*Kyeongjun turns around and makes eye contact with Jade.


Kyeongjun: Ready to go?


Jade: *nods* 




22nd Music Festival…


*Jade and Kyeongjun arrive at the park where the music festival is taking place.


Jade: Wow *eyes sparkle* This is so cool


*Kyeongjun chuckles and she looks at him with a confused look on her face.


Jade: Huh? What’s so funny, oppa? I don’t understand-


*Kyeongjun doesn’t say anything but instead he pats her head giving her butterflies.


Jade’s mind: Whenever he does that, I can’t help it, but my heart-


*Kyeongjun suddenly drags her away making her flustered.


Jade: Wait, oppa, wait!!!




*The two have a good time spending time with each other until-


Junhyuk: Jade Park!!


*Jade turns around and makes eye contact with Junhyuk. She gets surprised.


Jade: Cheon Junhyuk sunbae! What are you doing here?


Junhyuk: What about you? Why are you here?


Jade: Oh I’m on a date with my boyfriend.


Junhyuk: Boyfriend? So you-


Jade: *nods before he could finish* Yes the guy I have feelings for was my boyfriend.


I’m so sorry to reject your feelings, sunbae.


Junhyuk: It’s okay. I’m sorry my feelings for you were too sudden.


Jade: We can be friends though, right?


Junhyuk: Sure why not? 


*Junhyuk hugs her but their little moment got interrupted by-


Kyeongjun: What in the world are you doing to my girlfriend?


Junhyuk: I uh-


Jade: Oppa, it’s cool. He’s just a friend.

Cheon Junhyuk sunbae meet Woo Kyeongjun oppa. He’s my boyfriend.


Junhyuk: Nice to meet you bro. *reaches out his hand*


*Kyeongjun glares at him rejecting his handshake instead he walks away leaving her flustered.


Jade: Wait, oppa!! 


*Jade tries to follow after him but someone suddenly grabs her shoulder from behind. She turns around and makes eye contact with Kyehoon.


Jade: Lee Kyehoon!! *hugs him* I haven’t seen you for a while. How’s your summer?


*Jade and Kyehoon talk and laugh with each other again like the good old times until-


Kyeongjun: Who are you? And why are you with my girlfriend?


*Jade and Kyehoon turns around and sees an angry Kyeongjun


Jade: Oppa, it’s not what it looks like. He’s just a friend.


*Kyeongjun suddenly grabs Kyehoon’s collar and glares at him.


Kyeongjun: Back off my girlfriend!


Kyehoon: What if I don’t?


Kyeongjun: You little- *raises his fist*


Jade: You guys stop!! Oppa, let go of him!


*Kyeongjun lets go of Kyehoon and glares at him one more time before he walks away.


Jade: Wait, oppa, wait!! Where are you going? *to Kyehoon* I should go. I’ll see you later, Kyehoon! *waves to Kyehoon before she runs off to find Kyeongjun*


Jade’s mind: Damn it, where did Kyeongjun oppa go?

*Just then she finds Kyeongjun at an alleyway smoking a cigar. She runs to him calling out his name.


Jade: Kyeongjun oppa!!


*Jade suddenly hugs him with tears down her face.


Jade: Why did you suddenly leave me like that? Why are you being like this today? I don’t get you oppa why-


*Just then Kyeongjun pulls her in towards him and kisses her without saying a single word to her. She melts into the kiss and kisses him back.


Jade’s mind: Is he being like this today because he’s jealous?

I don’t get him but I do know for sure is that he’s the only guy I see.

My heart will always choose him and only him.

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