Chapter 28 But How?


*Kyeongjun waits all day for Jade’s messages and calls but nothing. He even tried to call and message her back but no reply. It’s making him worried sick. He bites his nails nervously and shaking his legs.


Kyeongjun’s mind: Why isn’t she answering? Did something happen to her?


*Losing out of patience Kyeongjun puts on his jacket and heads out of the house. He motorcycles to her house.


Kyeongjun’s mind: Wait for me, babe. I’ll be right there.

Wait just a bit longer.




*Kyeongjun arrives at Jade’s house and knocks on the door. Sungjun answers the door.


Sungjun: Oh you’re here. *annoyed*


Kyeongjun: Is Jade home or not?


Sungjun: One second. 


*Sungjun heads upstairs. Kyeongjun looks at the pictures again of her and Dareum and it keeps bothering him.


Kyeongjun’s mind: Whose this boy and why does she seem so happy with him?

Did something happen that she didn’t tell me?


*Soon Sungjun comes back downstairs. 


Sungjun: Look, you better leave. She’s clearly not in the mood. 


Kyeongjun: Wait, whose he? *points to the picture in his hands*


Sungjun: Why do you care? I don’t like you as my sister’s boyfriend, you know?


Kyeongjun: *grabs him by the shoulders* Answer me!! Whose this guy? 


Later that night…


*Kyeongjun parks his motorcycle and runs to Hankang River. What Sungjun said a few hours ago replays back in his mind.


Kyeongjun’s mind: I’m so sorry, Jade, about what you’ve gone through.

But please don’t die on me, Jade, please-




Sungjun: That guy is Nam Dareum. He’s my sister’s first love and her first boyfriend. They were happy together for a while until two years ago-


*Kyeongjun grabs his collar yelling at him in anger.


Kyeongjun: Then what?


Sungjun: Until he passed away from a tragic car accident. Because of that my sister has been devastated about his death and blames herself for his death.


Kyeongjun: What? 


*Kyeongjun lets go of his collar and runs outside.


End of flashback


Kyeongjun’s mind: Please be okay, Jade, please be okay, please… *tears start to fall*


*He arrives at Hankang River and finds Jade as she tries to push off the railing. He tries to stop her by yelling-


Kyeongjun: Jade, what are you doing?


*Jade turns around and finds a crying Kyeongjun in front of her. She gets flustered.


Jade: Oppa, what are you doing here?


Kyeongjun: What are you doing standing there? Are you trying to get yourself killed?


Jade: Please just let me die! Please!!

Don’t you know what it’s like to lose something or someone important to you and you regret it?

Don’t you ever wish that you could turn back time and prevent it from happening?


Kyeongjun: What are you saying?


Jade: I’ll rather die than to regret my past. 


*Jade pushes herself off the railing. Kyeongjun runs and pulls her into his embrace. 


Jade: *tries to pull him away from her* Oppa, what are you doing? Please-


Kyeongjun: And what? Let you kill yourself? 

Are you ing crazy?


Jade: What do you know, oppa?

What do you know, huh?

You don’t know the pain I’ve gone through.


Kyeongjun: No I do. Your stepbrother told me everything.

He told me about the death of your first love and that you’ve been depressed about it ever since.


Jade: What?


Kyeongjun: Look, Jade, nothing is your fault, okay?

So stop blaming yourself.


*Jade hits his chest bursting into tears.


Jade: No, it’s all my fault.

I deserve this hell in the first place.

I killed him, oppa?

Don’t you get it?

I killed him… I killed him…


*Kyeongjun pulls her into his embrace and her hair trying to comfort her.


Kyeongjun’s mind: She doesn’t deserve to live like this anymore.

I just want her to make her happy for once but the question is-

But how?

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