Chapter 30 Mr. Special


*Jade looks through the pictures of her and Kyeongjun while she’s lying down in bed.


Jade’s mind: I can’t believe he has gone through so much for all these years.

I just want to prove that I’m the only girl here for you.


*Just then she gets a sudden phone call from Kyeongjun. She quickly picks it up.


Jade: Oppa~


Kyeongjun: Are you free on Saturday?


Jade: Yes, why?


Kyeongjun: I’ll pick you up on Saturday at 10 am.


Jade: Okay oppa sounds good. Can’t wait.


Kyeongjun: Me too. See you then.


*Jade hangs up and clings her phone to her chest smiling widely.


Jade’s mind: He’s really the best thing in my life and nothing can take that away from me.


Saturday morning…


*Jade heads upstairs after getting ready for the date. She spots Kyeongjun on the couch with Sungjun.


Jade: Oppa~


Kyeongjun: Are you ready to go?


Jade: *nods shyly* Let’s go


*Jade takes Kyeongjun’s hand as they are about to leave the house when Sungjun blocks the way to stop them. She covers her face feeling embarrassed of her stepbrother.


Jade’s mind: God, don’t tell me he’s gonna-


*But to her surprise Sungjun does the unexpected. He sticks out to his hand to Kyeongjun and says-


Sungjun: Take good care of my sister, brother-in-law. She lost a special someone in her life and it broke her heart so please whatever you can, make sure to be with her no matter what. 


Kyeongjun: *nods* Will do.


*Sungjun and Kyeongjun shakes hands and waves goodbye before they leave the house. Jade gets bothered by what her stepbrother said. He had never said something like that before. Sungjun hasn’t approved anyone as her boyfriend ever not even Darem.


Jade’s mind: Why would he say something like that? Could-

*looks at Kyeongjun* 

Could he be the one for me?




*Jade and Kyeongjun have a good time at the amusement park enjoying each other’s company but one thing kept bothering her. The words Sungjun said still crossed her mind and it bothered her. She’s out of it the entire date and Kyeongjun noticed. 


Kyeongjun: Jade! 

Earth to Jade!


*Kyeongjun waves his hands at her face. Jade quickly snaps out of her thoughts and makes eye contact with the worried Kyeongjun.


Jade: *scratches the back of her neck awkwardly* Sorry oppa. 

I’m sorry for ruining our date.


Kyeongjun: Did something happen that I should know about?


Jade: *shakes her head* No nothing.

It’s just that-

Sungjun has never said anything like that before and hearing him say those things to you is just different that’s all. I-


*Suddenly Kyeongjun leans in and kisses her making her flustered.


Jade’s mind: What the-


*But before she knew it, she melted instantly into the kiss and kisses him back. After the kiss he pulls her into a hug. As the two kissed she realized one thing-


Jade’s mind: Thank you, oppa, for being part of my life.

You truly are my Mr. Special.

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