Chapter 6 Confused


*The sun shines on Jade’s face. Jade groans, wakes up, and checks her alarm clock. 8:30 am? What? She’s already late for school! Jade quickly gets out of bed.


Jade: What? 8:30 am? How in the world did-


*Jade recalls what happened last night. She shakes her head as she remembers that she spent last night having a drama marathon before bed.


Jade’s mind: Aish… stupid me! Why did I even-

Ughh I hate this I hate this so much




*Jade shakes her feet while checking her watch from time to time and waiting for the bus to arrive.


Jade’s mind: Come on come on I don’t have much time.

… mom is so gonna kill me.


*Just then someone on a motorcycle stops right in front of her. She squints her eyes trying to figure out who this person is. 


Jade’s mind: Wait, is that K-K-Kyeongjun oppa?


Jade: Oppa? *tilts her head while asking him*


*Kyeongjun motions her to get on. She hesitates at first but quickly gets on. She puts on the helmet and wraps her arms around his waist. She tries to cover her blushing face as she places her head on his back.


Jade’s mind: His back is so y. Ugh oppa, what have you done to me?
Why do you make my heart race?


*Soon they stop in front of Hyesung International High School, her school. She takes a couple of steps going up the stairs but she turns around and was about to thank him but he was already gone.


Jade’s mind: What the-

I didn’t even get to thank him.

But I can’t blame him that oppa sure is so cool.

*sighs happily and skips happily inside*


*Jade bows to the teacher and heads quickly to her seat. She sits down beside Kyehoon and he looks at her worriedly. She takes out her books. 


Kyehoon: What happened? Why are you so late?


Jade: Sorry I slept in and-


Kyehoon: You had another drama marathon again, didn’t you? *elbows her*


*Jade nods and covers her face with her math book feeling ashamed. She tries to maintain her focus at school but all that kept wandering in her mind was today’s incident.


Jade’s mind: That oppa sure is unexpected.

But wait-

Why is he being nice to me today?

I don’t get it.


Later that evening…


*Jade spends the evening working at the library after school. She tugs on his sleeve.


Jade: Oppa thank you for today I-


*Suddenly Kyeongjun walks away without saying a single word to her.


Jade’s mind: What the-

*pouts* I didn’t even get to say thank you to him.


*Throughout the rest of the evening Kyeongjun remained cold to her and it made her upset and mostly confused. 


Jade’s mind: I don’t understand oppa at all.

I mean how could he be nice to me this morning and be cold to me later on?

*pouts* If he’s going to be like this, then why-

*places a hand on her beating chest*

Then why does he have to keep on shaking my heart like this?

Is he playing with me?

But why does my heart keep beating for him?

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