Chapter 23 Love War


Meanwhile at Kyehoon’s house...


Amaru: Come on, sport, cheer up. You’ve been down for the past few days.


Kyehoon: Thanks you guys but I’ll rather pass.


Haruto: Oh come on hyung, let’s go!


Kyungmoon: Up and at ‘em!!


*His friends drag him out of bed and he kicks whining refusing to get out of bed.


Kyehoon: I don’t wanna. Leave me alone you guys!! Leave me alone!!!


*But in the end no matter how hard he tried to refuse himself it was no use. He had no choice. He had to go out.


Kyehoon: I hate you guys so much right now


Kyungmoon: We love you too bud


Amaru: You can always count on us 


Haruto: You’re going to thank us later I know it 


*Kyehoon rolls his eyes and crosses his arms in annoyance.


Kyehoon’s mind: I hate this so much right now

my life *facepalms*




*Kyehoon and his friends are at the music festival location and his friends are having the time of their lives, all except him.


Kyehoon’s mind: I just wanna go home already.

Nothing is going to cheer me up.



*Just then he spots Jade talking to Junhyuk.


Kyehoon’s mind: Why is she still talking to him?


*He continues to observe Jade but this time he sees Kyeongjun with her.


Kyehoon’s mind: Face it bro, you have to face reality.

There’s no way she’ll accept your feelings now.

She’s happy with him right now.

Just forget about her.


*He continues to watch over her from afar that Kyungmoon noticed.


Kyungmoon: What are you looking at bro?


Kyehoon: Nothing.


Kyungmoon: *notices* It’s Jade! Go talk to her.


Kyehoon: But I-


Kyungmoon: Dude just go!!


*Kyehoon notices Kyeongjun leaving the scene and he runs up to Jade.


Kyehoon’s mind: I don’t know why I’m doing this but- *gulps* just go for it I guess. 


*Kyehoon gathers his courage and puts a hand on her shoulder. Jade turns around and sees Kyehoon behind her.


Jade: Lee Kyehoon!! *hugs him* I haven’t seen you for a while. How’s your summer?




*Jade and Kyehoon talk and laugh with each other again like the good old times until-


Kyeongjun: Who are you? And why are you with my girlfriend?


*Jade and Kyehoon turns around and sees an angry Kyeongjun


Jade: Oppa, it’s not what it looks like. He’s just a friend.


*Kyeongjun suddenly grabs Kyehoon’s collar and glares at him.


Kyeongjun: Back off my girlfriend!


Kyehoon: What if I don’t?


Kyeongjun: You little- *raises his fist*


Jade: You guys stop!! Oppa, let go of him!


*Kyeongjun lets go of Kyehoon and glares at him one more time before he walks away.


Jade: Wait, oppa, wait!! Where are you going? *to Kyehoon* I should go. I’ll see you later, Kyehoon! *waves to Kyehoon before she runs off to find Kyeongjun*


*Kyehoon watches Jade from afar and he sighs deeply. Soon tears fall down his face. 


Kyehoon’s mind: Why is it so hard to get over you?

When you’re the only girl that I love. 

I don’t think I have the patience to wait any longer for you.

I must do something to win your heart no matter what.

It’s the last thing I’ll do. 

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