Chapter 7 Love Again


*Kyeongjun wakes up on his bed with a major headache. He grabs his head groaning in pain.


Kyeongjun: Ugh what the-

Why does my head hurt so much?

that… what time is it?


*Kyeongjun looks at the time and groans.


Kyeongjun’s mind: Ughh I have class in 30 minutes.

Why did I even bother to attend college in the first place?

I should have dropped out of high school already.


Kyeongjun’s mind: I ing hate my life. *facepalms*


*Just then Daniel and Yedam barges in the door and climbs on top of him.


Daniel: Hyung, get up!


Yedam: You don’t want to be late for school now do you?


*Kyeongjun puts the covers over his head refusing to get up


Daniel: HYUNGG!!! *whines*


Yedam: Up and out ‘em! *pulls him up*


Kyeongjun’s mind: If only I didn’t rent this place and shared this place with these losers




*Kyeongjun gets on his motorcycle and heads to university but along the way he spots a familiar figure standing at the bus stop shaking her feet.


Kyeongjun’s mind: Is that Jade?


*Kyeongjun stops in front of the bus stop. Jade squints her eyes trying to figure out who this person is. 


Jade: Oppa? *tilts her head while asking him*


Kyeongjun’s mind: Damn she’s so cute whenever she does that.


*Kyeongjun motions her to get on. She hesitates at first but quickly gets on. She puts on the helmet and wraps her arms around his waist. She tries to cover her blushing face as she places her head on his back.

*Soon they stop in front of Hyesung International High School, her school. She takes a couple of steps going up the stairs and he softly smiles.


Kyeongjun’s mind: How can she be so cute in whatever she does? *blushes*

*notices her about to turn around to face him*


*Kyeongjun panics and quickly bikes away before she could say thank you.


Kyeongjun’s mind: Girls are the same, aren’t they?

But why does she shake my heart?

Why does it have to be her?


Later that evening…


*Kyeongjun and Jade are working together at the library and as he continues to watch her from afar he could feel his heart speaking louder for him. Suddenly she tugs his sleeve and he gulps.


Kyeongjun’s mind: what now?


Jade: Oppa thank you for today I-


*Kyeongjun quickly walks away avoiding eye contact with her.


Kyeongjun’s mind: Walk away. Act cool.  Remain calm.


*As time went by, he felt his heart beating for her faster than ever, the more he acted cold to her, and the more he regretted it. He looks at her and thinks to himself. 


Kyeongjun’s mind: Love is a painful thing and hard to move on from, but how come whenever I see you I feel that I should give you a chance?

How come it feels like you’re the answer to my life?

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