"You are the light to my darkness"

Stella Kim heads to Thailand once again after the death of her Thai first love, BamBam, hoping to have a fresh new start when she encounters two boys that change her life forever.


Credit to Betcha for the poster


Character Descriptions

Stella Kim (26)-BamBam's first love. A bubbly and bright girl who smiles despite her pains. She blames herself for her first love's death and can't seem to move on from him. She questions her heart until she met Bright. 

Bright (25)-A cold and mysterious guy with a dark past. He longs for healing and hope until Stella came and became his light to the darkness. 

Win (23)-A kind caring guy. He has scars from his past relationship and vows to not fall in love again until he met Stella.

Dew (20)-Stella's home stay and Win’s best friend. A playful and humorous guy. There are times when his pranks goes too far. He also has a serious and caring side. 

 BamBam-Stella's first love. A playful and friendly guy but has a serious side. He passed away from a tragic car accident in 2014. 

Priya (23)-A bright and energetic girl. She cares about her family and friends a lot. She is a bit clumsy when it comes to love.

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