Chapter 36 Let Me Go


The next day…


*Jade arrives at school. She heads to her seat but doesn’t see Kyehoon nor his belongings there. 


Jade’s mind: Huh? That’s odd! He’s usually here early. Did something happen? Did he get sick or something?


*Jade tried to call and message Kyehoon the whole day but no reply nor did he pick up his phone.


Jade’s mind: I’m sure he’ll be okay tomorrow.


*Jade said as she went on with her day but she couldn’t concentrate at all for she got worried sick about Kyehoon. She couldn’t even concentrate at work that night either and Kyeongjun noticed.


Kyeongjun: Babe, is something wrong?


Jade: *shakes head* No nothing’s wrong. I’m fine oppa. *fake smiles*


Two weeks later…


*This went on for several days then a week and now two weeks straight. Kyehoon hasn’t shown at school at all. He haven’t been answering his phone nor answering her text messages at all. Jade needed answers now.


Jade’s mind: Where in the world is this Lee Kyehoon? And why isn’t he showing up?


*Just then she spots his friends Kyungmoon, Amaru, and Haruto at a distance talking.

She runs up to them.


Jade: Have you guys seen or heard from Lee Kyehoon yet?


*Suddenly the boys huddle up and murmur amongst themselves making her flustered.


Jade’s mind: What the-

What’s going on?

What aren’t they telling me?


*Just then Kyungmoon looks at Jade and says-


Kyungmoon: You haven’t heard?


Jade: Heard what? Tell me!


Kyungmoon: Lee Kyehoon is going to the States to study aboard.

He’s leaving today.


Jade: What? Thanks you guys.


Kyungmoon: Wait, Jade, he wanted me to give this to you.


Jade: What’s this?




*Jade is in the school hallway reading Kyehoon’s letter and bursting into tears.


Kyehoon: Dear Jade,

I’m sorry for leaving you without saying anything to you but I think it’s for the best for us.

You see, Jade, I loved you for the ten years we were together, but you.. 

You never had feelings for me.

You clearly love your boyfriend more than me,

And I want what’s best for you.

So I think it’s best if you forgot about me and have the happiness you deserve.

Take care, 

Lee Kyehoon.


*Jade clutches the letter close to her chest bawling her eyes out.


Jade’s mind: I’m sorry, Kyehoon.

I’m so sorry for not knowing your feelings you had for me all these years.

I’m such an idiot.


*Jade crouches down onto the ground sobbing her eyes out. 


Later that night…


*Jade paces back and forth waiting for the bus to come while biting her nails nervously.


Jade’s mind: Come on, come on, I don’t have much time.

Please hurry up-


*Just then she spots a familiar figure in front of her on his motorcycle. It’s Kyeongjun her boyfriend.


Jade: Oppa, I’m so glad it’s you. 

We have to go now.



Incheon International Airport


*Jade drags Kyeongjun as they hurry inside the airport trying to find the boarding gate to the States. 


Jade: Oppa, faster!!


*Jade continues to drag Kyeongjun trying to find Kyehoon.


Jade’s mind: Come on, come on, we don’t have much time.

Where are you, Lee Kyehoon?

*Jade spots Kyehoon as he’s about to board the plane. She screams his name while running as fast as her feet could carry her. 




*Jade stops in front of Kyehoon trying to catch her breath.


Kyehoon: Jade, what are you doing here?

Jade: I’m sorry, Kyehoon, it’s my fault for not knowing the feelings you had for me all these years.

I’m sorry for everything, okay?

But I don’t understand-

Why are you leaving me like this?



*Kyehoon pulls Jade into his embrace with tears down his face.


Kyehoon: I’m sorry, Jade, I’m sorry.

I won’t leave you again.


Jade: Really? You won’t?


*Suddenly Kyeongjun runs towards them interrupting their little moment-


Kyeongjun: There you are, Jade. I was looking for you.

You suddenly ran off on me like that.


*Jade breaks the hug and looks back at Kyeongjun.


Jade: Oppa


*Just then Kyehoon walks to Kyeongjun’s direction and sticks out his hand making her flustered.


Jade’s mind: What the-

What’s he doing?


Kyehoon: Take care of Jade for me.

She clearly loves you more than I loved her.

So please whatever you can, please make her happy for me.


Kyeongjun: I will. *shakes his hand*




*Kyeongjun and Jade hold hands as they leave the airport with Kyehoon. She looks at Kyehoon with a shocked look in her eyes.


Jade: You really are letting me go to him?


Kyehoon: *nods* I want what’s best for you and I know he’ll make you happy.

Take care of her for me, will you, hyung?


Kyeongjun: *nods* I will. I promise.


Kyehoon: Well then I’m leaving. You two have fun.


Jade: Will you be at school tomorrow?


Kyehoon: I will. *smiles*


*Kyehoon and Jade heads separate ways. She looks at Kyehoon one last time and sighs deeply. 


Jade’s mind: So this is it. He finally let me go.

To my one true love. 

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