Chapter 18 Like it




*Jade already woke up early that morning to get ready for her first date.


Jade’s mind: What should I wear?


*Jade rummages through her closet trying to find the perfect outfit. Sungjun barges in through her bedroom door.


Sungjun: What are you doing, nuna? You’re making a mess already!


Jade: *notices him* What are you doing here? Get out!


Sungjun: Nuna, your boyfriend is waiting for you in the living room.


Jade: *shocked* WHAT??? Why did you just have to tell me now?


*Sungjun winks and walks out. Jade grabs her hair in frustration.


Jade’s mind: , I can’t believe he is already here.

What am I going to do?


An hour later…


*Jade heads downstairs. Kyeongjun notices her and opens his mouth in shock. She scratches the back of her head awkwardly.


Jade: So oppa do I look okay?


*Kyeongjun nods avoiding eye contact with her.


Kyeongjun: Do you wanna go?


Jade: *nods* Sure 


*Sungjun sends them off with a warning to Kyeongjun


Sungjun: If you dare break my sister’s heart you’re dead, you hear me?




Sungjun: Don’t be afraid I warned you. *motions with his hands “I’m watching you” before he slams the door shut*


Jade: *facepalms* I’m sorry about that oppa. He can be a handful.


*Kyeongjun chuckles 


*They head off together on their date




*Jade and Kyeongjun have a good time enjoying their date at the aquarium. As they spent more time together that day she gets surprised by his soft and caring side. She has never seen this side of him before and she liked it.


*Jade and Kyeongjun hold hands as they approach the front of her house. His jacket on her shoulders.


Jade: Thank you for today oppa. I had a good time.


Kyeongjun: Me too. Text me when you’re inside.


Jade: I will.


*Jade and Kyeongjun look at each other for a long time before he leans in and gives her a goodbye kiss. The two enjoy their little moment together when there was an interruption from-


Sungjun: What in the world are you two doing?


*Jade get flustered and push Kyeongjun away from her.


Jade: I should get going now oppa.


Kyeongjun: *nods* Bye.


*Jade waves to Kyeongjun with a huge smile on her face. Sungjun rolls his eyes and drags Jade inside.


Sungjun: I don’t trust that guy.


Jade: What why?


Sungjun: *shrugs* I don’t know but he seems like a bad boy.


Jade: What do you know? You’re just a 15 year old.


Sungjun: Just because I’m younger than you doesn’t mean I know about dating, thank you very much. 


*Sungjun crosses his arms in annoyance. Jade chuckles and pats his head.


Jade: Yeah yeah sure whatever. 


Sungjun: NUNA!!!


*Jade laughs as she heads inside. Sungjun follows after her.


Later that night…


*Jade lies down on her bed belly down with the covers up above her head as she texts Kyeongjun.


Jade: Oppa, what are you doing?


Kyeongjun: Not much and you?


Jade: Not much. Oppa, what shall we do at our next date?


Kyeongjun: There’s a music festival coming up.


Jade: Sounds great oppa.


Kyeongjun: Great see you then. 

Goodnight, Jade.


Jade: Goodnight, oppa.


*Jade clings onto her phone squealing to herself.


Jade’s mind: This oppa sure does surprise me in so many ways.


*The memories of today’s date flows into her mind. She thinks about his caring side and she squeals once again.


Jade’s mind: But I wonder what side of himself he’s going to show on our next date.

Whatever it is, I know that I’ll like it that’s for sure.


*Jade ends up smiling herself to sleep.

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