“My heart speaks louder to you than words.” -Anonymous

Two strangers meet each other at a party and fall in love with each other now it’s up to her to decide whether she’ll choose her ten-year best friend or the boy she just met.


Character Descriptions

Kang Jade (18)-Dareum’s ex-girlfriend and Kyehoon’s childhood best friend. A bubbly and bright girl who smiles despite her pains. She blames herself for her ex-boyfriend’s death and vowed herself not to date anyone until she met Kyungjoon. 

Woo Kyeongjun (20)-A cold and mysterious guy that has deep pains in his heart. He has shut himself down from girls and dating after the many hardships he faced in his past relationships. He questions his cold heart after he met Minah.  

Lee Kyehoon (18)-Jade’s childhood best friend. An outgoing and humorous guy. He doesn’t have the courage to confess to Jade. 

Nam Dareum (20)-Jade’s ex-boyfriend. A friendly and humorous guy. He passed away from a tragic car accident in 2019. 

Oh Sungjun (15)-Jade’s stepbrother (mom’s side). A mischevious prankster guy. He likes to play jokes on people and he enjoys making people laugh. He may be a prankster but when he likes a girl he becomes stiff and awkward. 

Also stars:

Lim Kyungmoon (19)

Cheon Junhyuk (18)

Lee Yedam (19)

Keiju Okamoto (16)

Haruto Maeda (19)

Daniel Zikal (18)

Amaru Mitsuki (17)

Lee Donghyun (14)

*Author's note: Wanna thank SarayJaim_25 for the poster



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