Chapter 10 Am I in Love?


*Kyeongjun has been smiling to himself for the past few days after he dropped Jade off to school. His roommates was surprised by his sudden change of mood. They have never seen him so happy before. 


Daniel: Hyung, are you okay? Did something happen to you?


Yedam: Don’t tell me, you met a girl?


*Daniel and Yedam look at each other and squeals. Kyeongjun rolls his eyes and gets up from the couch.


Kyeongjun: What a girl? Pft… you two are being ing ridiculous. Me date a girl? No way!!


*Kyeongjun pushes them away and leaves the apartment.


Daniel: I bet he met a girl and fell in love with her that’s why he’s acting like this.


Yedam: I bet it’s the girl from the party!


*Daniel and Yedam look at each other one more time and highfives each other


Kyeongjun’s mind: Am I in love with Jade?

Nah there’s no way. There’s no way.


*Kyeongjun continued to deny his feelings for Jade at first but as time went by he saw her in the library studying with another guy. At first he tried to remain cool about it but the more he did so the more he noticed him being flirty around her and it bothered him more. He watches the guy pat Jade’s head.


Junhyuk: Goodnight Jade. 


Jade: Goodnight sunbae. *smiles*


Kyeongjun’s mind: What? Sunbae?? How dare she smile at him!!

She should be smiling at me not him.

Does she possibly like him? 

No… that can’t be.


*He tried to hold in his jealousy for a while but one day it exploded when Jade came back to work. 


Jade: *tugs on his sleeve* Oppa


*Kyeongjun turns around and gives her a glare. 

Kyeongjun: Get lost! Don’t you have anything better to do then to follow me around?


*Kyeongjun doesn’t say another word and walks away.


Later that night…


*Kyeongjun spent the rest of the night drinking his misery away. He slams his hands onto the wall crying in frustration as Jade keeps wandering in his mind. He continues to deny his own feelings for her.


Kyeongjun’s mind: Ugh why?

Why does it have to be her?

Why is she always in my mind?

I don’t want to be like this but-

*puts his hand on his chest and feels his heart beating*

But why isn’t my heart listening to me?

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