Chapter 14 A Chance Too Late


*Kyehoon finishes dance practice with his dance team. He falls down onto the ground exhausted and out of breath.


Kyungmoon: Okay, I think that’s enough for today.


Amaru: Thank god I thought I was going to die.


Haruto: I think we’ll do fine for the dance festival next week.


*Kyehoon leaves the dance studio and waves goodbye to his friends. 


Kyehoon’s mind: Jade is probably waiting for me.

Speaking of waiting-

Should I-

Should I confess to her today?
I mean it’s now or never right?


*Kyehoon spots Jade’s backside and smiles. He’s just about to approach her but his heart drops when he spots her kissing him. It’s too late. He already lost his opportunity to confess to her. She’s already taken.


Kyehoon’s mind: Please no… please… tell me this isn’t true.

Please… *tears fall down his face*




*Kyehoon takes heavy footsteps the way home from the bus stop. On the way home he notices empty pop cans on the floor and he kicks them getting angry at himself.


Kyehoon’s mind: I lost my chance to confess to her.

She never loved me.

She loved someone else.

It’ll never be me.


*He kicks the pop can hard as it lands far away. He runs after it and spots a familiar figure crying.


Kyehoon’s mind: Isn’t that Oh Sungjun?


*Kyehoon puts his hand on Sungjun’s shoulder and looks at him worriedly


Kyehoon: Sungjun, what happened?


*Sungjun looks up and sees Kyehoon in front of him. He doesn’t say a single word and cries in his arms.


Kyehoon: What happened? Why are you crying hm???


*Sungjun suddenly burst out yelling at him


Sungjun: It’s all your fault, hyung!

Your advice is useless I tell you!


She already got a new boyfriend!
She’ll never love me!!



*Kyehoon pats Sungjun’s back to try to comfort him when really he’s hard for himself to bear this pain in his heart. He felt heartbroken for the first time.


Kyehoon’s mind: Why is it so hard to make you mine?

When you never had feelings for me from the start.

You clearly love someone else. 

It’ll never be me.

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