Chapter 22 But Me


*Kyeongjun puts on his jacket ready to leave the house.


Daniel: Dude, you’re leaving already? Where to?


Yedam: To the music festival. His tickets were on his desk last night.


Daniel: Dude, OMGGG!!! That’s so romantic *grabs onto Kyeongjun’s hand with sparkling eyes* 


*Kyeongjun pushes his hands away from him and leaves the house without saying a single word.


Daniel: That hyung sure is changing.


Yedam: You got that right!


Daniel: I swear I wanna meet the girl he’s dating. I mean I have never seen this side of him before.


Yedam: I know right? That hyung sure is unexpected. 




*Kyeongjun already arrives in front of her house waiting for her. He leans on his motorcycle browsing through his phone when he heard a familiar voice calling out to him.


Jade: Oppa~


*Kyeongjun turns around and makes eye contact with Jade. He softly smiles seeing her in front of him.


Kyeongjun’s mind: She needs to stop doing that. It kills me every time she does that. 


*But Kyeongjun shakes the thoughts out of his head and tries to maintain calm about it. Instead he cooly asks her-


Kyeongjun: Ready to go?


Jade: *nods* 




22nd Music Festival…


*Jade and Kyeongjun arrive at the park where the music festival is taking place.


Jade: Wow *eyes sparkle* This is so cool


Kyeongjun’s mind: How come whatever she does is so cute? Gosh Jade, what have you done to me?


*Kyeongjun chuckles and she looks at him with a confused look on her face.


Jade: Huh? What’s so funny, oppa? I don’t understand-


*Kyeongjun doesn’t say anything but instead he pats her head giving her butterflies. He notices a game stand that catches his eye. He suddenly drags her away making her flustered.


Jade: Wait, oppa, wait!!!




*The two have a good time spending time with each other until-


Junhyuk: Jade Park!!


Kyeongjun’s mind: Who the is calling out to her?


*Jade turns around and makes eye contact with Junhyuk. She gets surprised. Kyeongjun watches from afar and glares at Junhyuk the whole time.


Kyeongjun: Who the is he and why is so close to my girlfriend?




Jade: Cheon Junhyuk sunbae! What are you doing here?


Junhyuk: What about you? Why are you here?


Jade: Oh I’m on a date with my boyfriend.


Junhyuk: Boyfriend? So you-


Jade: *nods before he could finish* Yes the guy I have feelings for was my boyfriend.


I’m so sorry to reject your feelings, sunbae.


Junhyuk: It’s okay. I’m sorry my feelings for you were too sudden.


Jade: We can be friends though, right?


Junhyuk: Sure why not? 


*Kyeongjun finally explodes when he sees Junhyuk and Jade hugging.


Kyeongjun’s mind: That’s it!! *quickly approaches them*


Kyeongjun: What in the world are you doing to my girlfriend?


Junhyuk: I uh-


Jade: Oppa, it’s cool. He’s just a friend.

Cheon Junhyuk sunbae meet Woo Kyeongjun oppa. He’s my boyfriend.


Junhyuk: Nice to meet you bro. *reaches out his hand*


*Kyeongjun glares at him rejecting his handshake instead he walks away. 




*Kyeongjun paces back and forth thinking to himself. 


Kyeongjun’s mind: Why am I suddenly like this?

Am I possibly jealous?

But there’s nothing going on with her and that Junhyuk sunbae, right?

Aish… *furiously scratches the back of his head*

What am I doing here?
I should be with my girlfriend by now. 


*He turns his head to see what Jade is up to and he notices Jade talking to a familiar guy from a distance. He tried to remain cool about it but the more he tried to the more jealous he became. He snaps in anger and exploding in jealousy. He runs up to them and-


Kyeongjun: Who are you? And why are you with my girlfriend?


*Jade and Kyehoon turns around and sees an angry Kyeongjun


Jade: Oppa, it’s not what it looks like. He’s just a friend.


*Kyeongjun suddenly grabs Kyehoon’s collar and glares at him.


Kyeongjun: Back off my girlfriend!


Kyehoon: What if I don’t?


Kyeongjun: You little- *raises his fist*


Jade: You guys stop!! Oppa, let go of him!


*Kyeongjun lets go of Kyehoon and glares at him one more time before he walks away. He reaches out an abandoned alleyway and smokes a cigar.


Kyeongjun’s mind: What’s with me today?
Why do I keep exploding like this?
I must be out of my goddamn mind *punches the wall*

!! She’s my girl not theirs. Ugh!!


*His thoughts get interrupted when a familiar voice calls out to him.


Jade: Kyeongjun oppa!!


*Jade suddenly hugs him with tears down her face.


Jade: Why did you suddenly leave me like that? Why are you being like this today? I don’t get you oppa why-


*Just then Kyeongjun pulls her in towards him and kisses her without saying a single word to her. He kisses her with every emotion he had left inside of him. A tear falls down his face.


Kyeongjun’s mind: Please don’t look to any other guy but me.

I just want to be the one and only man in your heart.

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