Chapter 2 Someday


Kyehoon (narration): “Love is patience. 

Love is enduring -Anonymous”

My mom told me this when I was young.

I never knew what that meant until I met Jade.

She was the only girl in my heart and she still is.

I have kept my feelings for her for ten years and I-

I want to confess to her but I never had the chance.

I kept losing my opportunity to her and I know I should give up on her but I can’t.

She is the only one I see and I want.


*Shows flashbacks of Kyehoon’s one-sided love for her for ten years and him being upset when she dated Dareum.


Sarang High School...


*Kyehoon talks to his friends when suddenly he looks at Jade whose busy looking outside the classroom window wandering in her own thoughts. 


Kyehoon’s mind: *sighs* She sure is cute.


*Kyehoon waves goodbye to his friends and heads inside the classroom. He sits down in front of Jade.


Kyehoon: What are you thinking about?


*Jade slightly jumps surprised by his sudden appearance.


Jade: You scared me! *hits him with her book*


Kyehoon: Sorry so-

*puts his hand on his chin* So what were you thinking about?


Jade: Oh nothing. *puts her head down*


Kyehoon: Did something happen at the party on Friday night? Hm?? *elbows her*


Jade: No nothing happened. What are you talking about? *laughs nervously*


Kyehoon: Did you meet a guy that night that I should know about?


Jade: No nothing happened I swear. *starts blushing*


Kyehoon: Oh yeah then why are you blushing hm?


*Jade covers her face and drops her head


Kyehoon: Spill it!


Jade: No


Kyehoon: Oh come on you’re no fun

Maybe you wrote something on your diary


Jade: What? *flustered* No I didn’t I-


*Before Jade could finish what she was saying Kyehoon quickly takes her diary from her hands, opens it up and reads it. Jade gets flustered and runs after him.


Jade: Ya Lee Kyehoon put it down right now!! Ya!!


*Jade chases after Kyehoon out of the classroom to the hallway. She chases him down the stairs.


Jade: Ya Lee Kyehoon! I’m going to kill you!


Kyehoon: *sticks tongue out at her* Nah nah nah nah try to catch me than


Jade: Ya you little-


*But Jade being the clumsy girl that she is she misses a step down the stairs and falls down. Kyehoon panics and catches her in time. They both land on the ground in the middle of the staircase. He could feel his heart pounding against his chest as they make direct eye contact with each other. They look at each other for a while but their little moment gets interrupted when the bell rings for homeroom. Jade quickly gets up, dusts herself off, and makes an excuse to leave the scene.


Jade: Ya we should go to homeroom.


Kyehoon: Uh yeah. *gets up and dusts himself off too*


*Kyehoon awkwardly scratches the back of his head and hands her back her diary. Jade snatches it from his hands.


Jade: You shouldn’t have done that you know.


Kyehoon: Look Jade, I’m sorry okay?

But can I at least read what you wrote on your diary for Friday?


*Kyehoon reaches out his hand trying to snatch the diary once again but earns a slap on the hand from Jade.


Jade: If you read my diary I’m going to kill you!! *clutches it to her chest*


*Kyehoon pouts and thinks to himself


Kyehoon’s mind: *sighs* I’ll never know what happened that night. 




*After school Kyehoon and Jade heads to the library to study as usual. When they come across a poster in the hallway. A hired sign for the library. Part timers needed. Kyehoon notices and immediately points at it to her.


Kyehoon: Hey you should apply for this job. 


Jade: I don’t know Kyehoon I-


Kyehoon: You always spend your time here. Besides isn’t it your dream to be a librarian?


Jade: Yeah but-


Kyehoon: Then what are you waiting for? It’s not a bad idea.


Jade: *nods* Okay. I’ll give it a try. *softly smiles*


A few days later…


*Jade runs up to Kyehoon with a huge smile on her face.


Jade: Guess what? Guess what?


Kyehoon: What?


Jade: I got the job at the library! I start working on Wednesday.


*Jade highfives Kyehoon excitedly


Kyehoon: Really? That’s great! I’m happy for you *smiles*


*He highfives her once again and soon the thoughts wandered his mind looking at her being so happy.


Kyehoon (narration): I kept supporting her every step of the way hoping that one day she would return my feelings.

Someday… someday… I know she will.

I just gotta wait.

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