Chapter 35 Our Last Day Together


*Kyehoon sighs looking at the pictures of him and Jade on his phone. Tears pour down his face.


Kyehoon: Ugh, damn it, why is it always him? Has she already forgotten our friendship?

Do I mean nothing to her?

Do I?


*Kyehoon sobs miserably on his bed when he gets a sudden phone call from Jade. He gets flustered at first but he ends up picking up the call.


Kyehoon: Yeoboseoyo?


Jade: Hey Kyehoon, are you busy right now?

Do you wanna meet up?


Kyehoon’s mind: Is she asking me to hang out with her?


*Kyehoon opens his eyes and mouth wide in shock. He quickly gets ready.




*Jade meets Kyehoon in front of his house and they head out together. They go to the arcade, favorite diner, and now on their way to get ice cream. 


Kyehoon’s mind: I can’t believe this. She hasn’t forgotten about me. She still thinks of me as a special someone to her.


*Kyehoon smiles as he enjoys spending time with her. 


Jade: Do you remember when we both starred in the Robin Hood play back in grade three?


Kyehoon: OMG don’t remind me that was so embarrassing


Jade: Tell me about it. You got so nervous on our first night that you ended up peeing your pants.


Kyehoon: Ya, I told you not to bring that up!


Jade: Too bad. *sticks her tongue out at him*


Kyehoon: Ya, Kang Jade, do you wanna go?


Jade: Make me.


Kyehoon: You know I’m faster than you.


Jade: No you’re not. Watch me.


*Jade runs away and Kyehoon chases after her. He eventually catches up to her and headlocks her. 




Later that day…


*Kyehoon drops Jade off in front of her house.


Jade: Thank you for today, Kyehoon, it was fun.


Kyehoon: *nods* Me too.


Jade: Hey, there’s a new movie coming up. Let’s go watch it on Friday after school.


Kyehoon: Sure sounds good.


Jade: Great! Can’t wait! See you tomorrow!


*Jade waves and heads inside the house but Kyehoon looks back at her one last time with tears down his face.


Kyehoon’s mind: I’m sorry Jade, but I won’t see you tomorrow. 

Because today is our last day together.

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