My Treasure


“First love never dies but true love can bury it alive.” -Anonymous

So Junghwa’s first love was in her early childhood days. She had a longtime crush on her best friend Yoon Jaehyuk but she lost contact with him after her family suddenly moved back to Japan. She couldn’t forget him but one day she came back to Korea with her Japanese fiance Yoshinori Kanemoto and becomes friends with Yoon Jaehyuk again. It’s up to her to decide who will her lover be. Who will be the treasure of her heart once and for all?


Character Descriptions

So Junghwa (26)-Junghwan’s older sister. Yoshinori’s fiancee. Jaehyuk’s childhood best friend and first love. A bubbly and happy virus girl. She likes reading books in her spare time. Owner of a waffle cafe called Happy Days and also an author. 

Yoon Jaehyuk (21)-Junghwa’s childhood best friend and first love. A humorous and silly guy. He likes playing pranks on people. 

Yoshinori Kanemoto (22)-Junghwa’s fiance. A friendly and cheerful guy. He likes composing his own music. Studies music at YG University and helps out at Happy Days. 

So Junghwan (17)-Junghwa’s younger brother. A shy and quiet guy. He doesn’t talk much but once he becomes close with someone he is an extreme chatter bug. He doesn’t know how to approach girls easily. A high school student but helps out at Happy Days. 


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ladykwonxiwu #1
Chapter 7: That’s so heartbreaking. Jaehyuk ah,fighting~!