Epilogue Loud


Jade (narration): In the end we learn to let go of the past and move on. 


*Jade and Kyehoon are talking in the hallway before homeroom class until she gets a text message from Kyeongjun. She smiles while messaging him.


Kyehoon: Let me guess your boyfriend?


Jade: Yup. He’s the best. *sighs happily*


*Kyehoon rolls his eyes and crosses his arms.


Kyehoon: Okay okay Miss In Love.


Jade: Ya, Kyehoon, what did you just say?


Kyehoon: Oh come on let’s see what he said.


Jade: Don’t you dare!


*Kyehoon takes Jade’s phone from her hands and runs away with it.




*Jade and Kyehoon chases each other around the school hallway when along the way he bonks-


Kyehoon: I’m so sorry, are you okay?


*The girl turns around and Kyehoon gets captivated by her visuals. He has never seen a goddess before. The girl nods and walks away. Jade catches up to him and grabs her phone back.


Jade: Gotcha! *notices Kyehoon zoning out* Ya, Lee Kyehoon!

Earth to Lee Kyehoon!!


*Kyehoon snaps back to reality and looks at her puzzled.


Kyehoon: Huh?


Jade: Did something happen?


Kyehoon: No why do you say that? *scratches the back of his neck awkwardly but his face flushes tomato red*


Jade: Oh yeah then why are you blushing?


*Kyehoon tried to deny it but the more he denied it the more his face flushed red.


Jade: Lee Kyehoon has a crush on a girl!


Kyehoon: I DO NOT!!!


Later during homeroom…


Jiyeon: Annyeong I’m Jo Jiyeon. Let’s be friends.


*Jiyeon heads to her new spot when she makes eye contact with Kyehoon. 


Kyehoon: Annyeong, I’m Lee Kyehoon.


Jiyeon: *nods* Nice to meet you


*From that day on Jiyeon and Kyehoon’s relationship started to bloom.



After school


*Jade runs out of the school building and runs to Kyeongjun’s embrace.


Jade: Oppa~~


Kyeongjun: *pecks her cheek* Babe, are you ready to go?


Jade: *nods* Let’s go


*Jade and Kyeongjun enjoy their date together laughing and talking. 


Jade (narration): And in the end we know that-


Jade, Kyeongjun, Kyehoon: “My heart speaks louder to you than words” -Anonymous

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