Chapter 17 Shattered


*Kyehoon walks home with heavy footsteps crying to himself.


Kyehoon: Ugh why? Why? Why? WHY??
Why didn’t I confess sooner?

Why does it have to be him?


*Kyehoon enters the house and gets greeted by his mom


Kyehoon’s mom: How was school, dear?


*Kyehoon doesn’t answer and heads upstairs to his bedroom. He slams the door shut behind him. He starts throwing things around screaming. He lets the feelings of anger and jealousy explode in front of him. He crouches onto the ground crying his eyes out. 


Kyehoon's mind: Why is nothing working out for me?

Why did I even bother to wait in the first place?

Why does my heart have to beat for you?

Why was it always you?


*Kyehoon’s mom knocks on the door.


Kyehoon’s mom: Kyehoon, dear, are you alright?




Kyehoon’s mom: I’ll be downstairs if you need me. *walks away*


Kyehoon: If only I should have confessed sooner…

If only-


*He ends up crying himself to sleep.

*Author's note: Sorry for the very short chapter. 

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