Chapter 20 It Hurts Me


*Kyehoon hangs out with his friends at his house that day. All his friends are talking and laughing amongst themselves enjoying each other’s company except Kyehoon. Kyehoon sighs deeply looking down at the ground. 


Kyungmoon: What’s wrong, dude?


Kyehoon: Nothing.


Amaru: You sure?

Haruto: You’ve been down all day.


Kyehoon: I’m fine.


Kyungmoon: You can always tell us.


*Kyungmoon puts his hand at Kyehoon’s shoulder trying to comfort him but Kyehoon snaps at him.


Kyehoon: I SAID I’M FINE!! *leans against the table*


*Kyungmoon, Haruto, and Amaru looks at Kyehoon surprised by his sudden mood change.


Kyungmoon: Ya, Lee Kyehoon, what’s wrong? Please tell us.


*Kyehoon looks back at his friends with tears pouring down his face. He blurts out his feelings.


Kyehoon: Jade never loved me. She never loved me!

I shouldn’t have waited ten years for her to like me back.

She never had feelings for me in the first place.

She started dating someone else that’s not me.

What have I done?


Amaru: Oh I’m sorry bro. 

It will be okay.


Kyehoon: How will things be okay when I’m hurting like this? Huh?

It hurts so much, you guys. It hurts so much.


*Kyehoon said as he puts a hand on his chest crying his eyes out. His friends try to comfort him and cheer him up. But it didn’t work. In the end they left his house leaving him alone.

Kyehoon turns his head and notices his bedroom mirror. He looks at his own reflection and  notices his miserable state.


Kyehoon’s mind: Why can’t she just love me back?
Why can’t I just be happy for once?

WHY??? *punches the mirror*


*He lets the mirror glass break into a million pieces in front of him. Like the mirror shattering in front of him so was his broken heart and that could never be healed. 

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