Chapter 1 Same or Different?


Kyeongjun (narration): What is love?

This is the question I keep asking myself.

I still don’t even know the answer to this question.

For me I started dating girls when I was 17.

I remember my first relationship when I was 17-


*Kyeongjun thinks about that day he had his first love.




Saerim High School


*Kyeongjun holds a bouquet of flowers in his hand as he heads to his classroom 1-4 to see his girlfriend but on the way there he spots something unusual. He spots his girlfriend kissing a guy in the classroom. He drops the flowers from his hand and runs away crying. He suddenly grabs onto the wall clenching his fist with tears pouring down his face.


Kyeongjun’s mind: Why does this have to happen to me? Why?


End of flashback


Kyeongjun (narration): I thought that love would be a beautiful thing after having my first girlfriend but no it wasn’t. I gave love a second chance but it kept on hurting me.

The girls I dated kept on using me for their reputation and it hardened my heart more and more.

So I promised myself I wouldn’t date any other girl or get involved in romantic relationships anymore, at least that’s what I thought, until the day the party happened-


The Party D-1


*Kyeongjun chugs a bottle of beer while on the couch with his roommates


Kyeongjun’s mind: my life.

I will never find happiness again.


*He chugs another bottle of beer but a hand stops him from doing so. 


Yedam: Dude, what do you think you are doing?


Kyeongjun: *pushes him away* WTF dude?

Leave me alone 


Yedam: And drink again? Are you ing crazy, hyung?


Kyeongjun: So what?


Yedam: So what? Pft… Dude come on. You need to stop being miserable like this.


Kyeongjun: And how are you going to help me, huh?

Making me go out to the club and meet girls?

Pft.. not in my watch.

Besides I’m not like you.


Yedam: Oh come on, hyung, you need to give love another chance.


Kyeongjun: Love?

There’s no such thing as love. 

All girls are the same.

I don’t even believe in that .


Yedam: You’re so frustrating.


*Just then Daniel walks in 


Daniel: I think I have a solution that might help.


Yedam: And what’s that?


*Daniel places an invitation out in front of Kyeongjun. Kyeongjun gives him a “what is this?” look.


Daniel: There’s a party coming up at Kyungmoon hyung’s place. 

And I believe this could be the key to everything.


*Yedam looks at him in shock. He suddenly smiles and hugs Daniel.


Yedam: OMGGG you’re a lifesaver!! This is it! This could be the answer!

Hyung, you have to go to the party.


Kyeongjun: I’m not going to the stupid party and that’s final.


*Kyeongjun coldly says and walks away with a beer bottle in his hand.


*Yedam scowls


Yedam’s mind: I swear that hyung is frustrating to talk to.


The Party D-Day…


*Kyeongjun, Yedam, and Daniel heads to the party location. As the party continued, Yedam and Daniel spent time talking and flirting with girls meanwhile Kyeongjun was feeling uncomfortable so he left the scene.


Kyeongjun’s mind: Why do I even have to be in this damn party anyways?

It’s not like I’m going to meet someone here that would change my life or anything.


*Kyeongjun sits down at the bar and takes a sip of beer when suddenly he turns his head and makes eye contact with the girl beside her. He gets starstrucken by her. He could feel his heart beating for a girl for the first time in a while.


Later after the party…


*Kyeongjun waits for his ride to arrive. It’s raining hard outside. He spots the girl beside her trying to shield herself from getting wet. He gives his umbrella to her and before she could say anything he walks away. 


Jade: Thank you 


Kyeongjun’s mind: Girls are the same. They are like foxes using guys for their own reputation. They just play with mens’ hearts but-

But how come to me it feels like you’re different?

How come it feels like you could be the answer to it all?


*After that day, it led to something more. It was fate at first sight.

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