Prologue Old Love Goodbye Welcome New Love


Jade (narration): “Love is old,

Love is new,

Love is all, 

Love is you” -The Beatles

My mom always told me this since I was a little girl, but I never knew what that meant until when I was 8, I met a boy named Lee Kyehoon. We quickly became best friends and I started having feelings for him after our play when we were in third grade. He was basically my first love, but I never really had the courage to confess to him. Then in grade ten, I met Nam Dareum at a party and I fell in love with him at first sight. It turned out he transferred to our high school from Daegu. A short while later we started dating and I was very happy with him but it all changed a year later on our first year dating anniversary-


Jade: He sure is amazing. *sighs*


*Jade admires the pictures of her and Dareum on her nightstand when there’s a sudden knock on the door.


Sungjun: Nuna, have you seen my leopard print boxers?


Jade: I don’t know why are you asking me? Go ask mom.


Sungjun: She’s not home.


Jade: Then text her you idiot.


Sungjun: Maybe I left it here.


*Sungjun enters her bedroom rummaging through her stuff finding his boxers. Jade gets flustered, stands up and straights up yells at him.


Jade: Why would you leave your stinky boxers in my room? Get out of my room!! *throws pillows at him*


Sungjun: Roger that! *salutes and walks out*


*Jade rolls her eyes 


Jade: Aish… why did my mom marry his father? He’s such an annoying little brat.


*Just then she receives a text message from Dareum.


Dareum: Can’t wait to see you love. Miss you already.


*Jade squeals hugging her phone.


Jade: He’s truly the best boyfriend ever. 


*Sungjun suddenly barges in and peeks his head in the door.


Sungjun: What are you so giggly about?


*Jade throws more pillows at the door 


Jade: GET OUT!!!


*Sungjun winks and walks away. Jade sighs smiling happily to herself and quickly gets ready to meet Dareum.




*Jade heads down to the street to Happy Cafe where Dareum told her to meet her. She sees Dareum a crosswalk away. She waves to him. Dareum sends her a text message. She looks at it and smiles.


Dareum: What do you wanna do tonight?


Jade: Hm… let’s go to a dessert cafe.


Dareum: Waffles?


Jade: Ooh sure you always know what I like.


Dareum: Of course. Anything to make my girl happy.


*The lights turn green and as they cross the street to meet each other, the lights suddenly turn back red. Jade panics and calls out to him. But before they knew it, a car passes by and hits Dareum. He flies onto the air and lands onto the ground bleeding.  Jade runs to him screaming.


Jade: Dareum, Dareum ah, please don’t die on me. NAM DAREUM!!

*Soon everything turns black. 

Two years later…


*After Dareum’s death, Jade has gotten depressed and blames herself for his death. She hasn’t left the house in years and it has gotten Kyehoon worried. He drags Jade out of her bed.


Kyehoon: You have been sitting on your bed for two years. Come on let’s go and have fun, hm?


Jade: *cold tone* No.


Kyehoon: Oh come on is that how you’re going to continue to be? Do you want Nam Dareum to be upset in heaven when he hears this?


Jade: *glares at him* Don’t talk about Dareum please *starts to tear up*


*Kyehoon rolls his eyes and drags up


Kyehoon: You need to move, go out, and enjoy the sun.


Jade: The sun? What sun? There’s only darkness in my heart right now.


Kyehoon: That’s it! *gets up from her bed* I know, Kyungmoon hyung is having a party on Friday night. Let’s go that would get your mind out of your depression.


Jade: Party? 


Friday night…


*Jade and Kyehoon arrives at Kyungmoon’s mansion for the party. Jade is in a light blue dress and blue heels with her hair curled up and in natural light makeup. 


*Jade hesitates on Kyungmoon’s mansion door.


Jade: I really didn’t want to come here.


Kyehoon: I know but come on it won’t be bad besides maybe you might meet someone better.


*Jade nods and knocks on the door.


Later that night…


*Jade sits at one of the tables drinking pop wishing the night would go by quickly.


Jade: *sighs* Why did I even bother coming to this stupid party? I wish this night goes by soon.


*Jade takes another sip of her pop when she turns her head and notices a handsome man sitting beside her. She gets captivated by his handsome visuals and she could feel her heart beating for him. The two make eye contact for a long time. 


Jade (narration): After that day I learned to let go of my old love and I started welcoming my new love. The boy I just met at the party.

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