Chapter 9 Why?


The next morning during homeroom…


Homeroom teacher: You guys worked so hard for your final exams and I expect you all to have a great summer!


*Students cheer 


Homeroom teacher: But first before you go, it’s time for your report cards.


*The homeroom teacher hands out their report cards for their final exams.


Kyehoon: *elbows her* So what did you get, Jade?


*Jade drops her head ashamed to show him her report card.


Jade’s mind: Ugh damn it, I barely even studied this semester. I spent too much on dramas.


*Kyehoon peeks over and looks at her report card. He chuckles.


Kyehoon: Ds?


*Jade puts away her report card immediately and looks at him.


Jade: What about you, Mr. Smarty Pants?


*Jade gets surprised by his results. As expected straight As again. She suddenly hits her head against the desk groaning in frustration.


Jade’s mind: Ugh damn it damn it, mom isn’t going to be happy about this at all. I’m doomed!! 


*Just then the homeroom teacher made a shocking announcement. 


Homeroom teacher: Have a good summer everyone! *to Jade* Oh and Jade make sure to stop by my office after school, okay? Class dismissed!


*Jade continues to hit her head against the desk. 


Jade’s mind: Ugh damn it, why didn’t I study at all this semester? Why???? *looks up at the sky crying for mercy*




*Jade arrives at her homeroom teacher’s office. She hesitates at first but knocks on the door.


Homeroom teacher: Come in.


*Jade enters the office. She fidgets with her fingers unable to make eye contact.


Jade: *murmurs* What do you want to see me for?


Homeroom teacher: Have a seat first, dear.


*Jade sits down in front of her.


Homeroom teacher: Jade Park, have you been having trouble this semester? Like is there anything going on at home that I should know about?


*Jade politely denies


Jade: No no ssaem. Nothing going on.


Homeroom teacher: But it seems like you’re not concentrating at all this semester. You’ve been zoning out a lot, are you sure nothing is going on?


Jade: Yes. 


Homeroom teacher: You know if you keep this up next semester, I’m afraid you won’t go to grade twelve.


*Jade drops her head unable to answer.


Homeroom teacher: How about I give you another chance?


*Jade perks up about this.


Jade’s mind: Another chance? What does she mean?


Jade: What are you saying ssaem? I-


Homeroom teacher: How about I give you two weeks to study with a help of a tutor and I’ll let you rewrite your exams? But you must have at least 70 in all your exams, got it?


*Jade nods


Jade: Yes but- 

Whose my tutor?


*Just then Junhyuk walks in the office. He bows to the homeroom teacher.


Junhyuk: Ssaem, you called me in here?


*Jade gets surprised by the sudden appearance of Junhyuk. Cheon Junhyuk, the kingka of the school.


Jade’s mind: What’s he doing here? Is he possibly my-


Homeroom teacher: Ah yes. Junhyuk, can you tutor Jade for me for the next two weeks?


Jade: WHAT???


*Over the two weeks, Jade spent a lot of time with Junhyuk at the library. She had to have the two weeks off work to focus on her studies according to her mother. But now the two weeks is almost over, it’s time for the rewrite of her final exams.


Jade’s mind: I can do this. Fighting! *pumps her fists and enters the classroom*


*After the exams, she leaves the classroom with the new set of report cards in front of her. She closes her eyes refusing to look at the results.


Jade’s mind: I can’t do this I’m scared… What if-


*Jade slowly opens her eyes and gets surprised. She jumps up in joy. She finally went from straight Ds to straight Bs.


Jade’s mind: YESSSSS I DID IT!!!


A few weeks later…


*Jade has gotten back to work at the library after the endless torture of studying. She felt happy she could be able to see Kyeongjun again but he wasn’t. In fact he became more cold to her and she didn’t like that at all. But one day it went too far-


Jade: *tugs on his sleeve* Oppa


*Kyeongjun turns around and gives her a glare. Jade gets surprised for he had never done that to her before. She had never seen him angry like that and she was scared.


Kyeongjun: Get lost! Don’t you have anything better to do then to follow me around?


*Kyeongjun doesn’t say another word and walks away leaving Jade in a crying mess. 


Jade’s mind: All I just want to do is to love him but why-

Why is he being like this to me?

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