Warm Dim Turns To Light

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A Marriage Is The Union Of Two Strangers That Love Each Other. Even It's Not Started With Love, But The Love Eventually Come Later...




Starting when Taeyeon on vacation and she coincidentally meet Jiyong at that moment, heartbroken. She tries to cheer him up after the broke-up and they start to become a friend. However, after the vacation end, they separate but the destiny bring back them together after several years. Nevertheless, their reunion is unexpected and something happens that they are decided to get married. What will happen after they meet again?



Jiyong is a head chef at Korean-Western restaurant. His diligent get paybacks after the restaurant manager offer him to be a business partner. However, his personal life is not as beautiful as his career. His grandfather raises him after both of his parents decided to live overseas.



Born in rich family and she never face any problem when it comes to the money. However, her life start to turn upside after her father passed away. The family had crisis and they need to pay a sum of debt. When her older brother takes over to manage the business family, Taeyeon helps him by working part-timer at other places.


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Chapter 50: Ohhh its now the end. This is a good story! Thank you so much.
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Chapter 50: Oh its over? Craving for more... Thank you.. All your stories are awesome
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Chapter 50: It was really good! I'm sad it's already over 🥲
Chapter 48: I can’t wait for them to meet again. Thanks for the update.
Chapter 46: Fany is here to save the day! Thanks for the update.
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Chapter 45: I can't 😭😭😭😭
Chapter 45: Feel so sad for the both of them. I hope Taeyeon and Jiyong can start over again.
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Chapter 44: Fighting authorinm, thank you.
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Chapter 44: Huhuhu nooooo 😭😭😭
Chapter 43: Ahhh Jiyong is in trouble again. Hope the chaos will be over soon.