Hey, do you want to be my friend?


"Yewon ah! Have a good day at school!"

"But I don't want to go."

Yewon was being held against her will, pulled towards the gates of a place that she disliked a lot since she was, well.....younger, not to say the least, she was only five, but still.

"School is a bad place!"

"Your unnie and oppa have already gone to their school, they always come  back safely what do you mean it's bad?"

"Omma! School takes unnie and oppa away when I want to play with them!"

"Which is why I'm sending you to school now, you're old enough."

"How does that make sense!"

Yewon's whines stopped as they crossed the gates, the security guard gave her a smile and a wave, but she just glared back. She didn't want to be here, she didn't want to be at the place where they gave weird sheets of paper and spoke weird languages.

That's right, it was Yewon's first day of kindergarten.


Story where we follow the members in an alternate universe where they met as children instead.

Cute shenanigans ensue.

And, a lot of....hopefully? fluff.

Why do I keep writing about children/babies?......

No update today, was very busy and didn't get to manage much time into writing, I did however, release an older one shot I had previously written, but it's a mature one for wonha, just there if you lacked gfriend fanfics today :P sowie
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