Hey, do you want to be my friend?


"Yewon ah! Have a good day at school!"

"But I don't want to go."

Yewon was being held against her will, pulled towards the gates of a place that she disliked a lot since she was, well.....younger, not to say the least, she was only five, but still.

"School is a bad place!"

"Your unnie and oppa have already gone to their school, they always come  back safely what do you mean it's bad?"

"Omma! School takes unnie and oppa away when I want to play with them!"

"Which is why I'm sending you to school now, you're old enough."

"How does that make sense!"

Yewon's whines stopped as they crossed the gates, the security guard gave her a smile and a wave, but she just glared back. She didn't want to be here, she didn't want to be at the place where they gave weird sheets of paper and spoke weird languages.

That's right, it was Yewon's first day of kindergarten.


Story where we follow the members in an alternate universe where they met as children instead.

Cute shenanigans ensue.

And, a lot of....hopefully? fluff.

Why do I keep writing about children/babies?......

No update today, was very busy and didn't get to manage much time into writing, I did however, release an older one shot I had previously written, but it's a mature one for wonha, just there if you lacked gfriend fanfics today :P sowie


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Chapter 82: JessicaXSinB's soft hour: OPEN.

I know it, Jessica whipped for SinB. These two tsundere really.
But, despite her hesitation, I can see Jessica really cared for SinB. How she act around SinB, it's a bit different from their first meeting, this time she really showed her soft side to the kid. And the fact that she actually jealous is mad me glad. I hope she can makes her mind and makes herself and SinB happy.

And SinB too, this kid, how can she be so similar to Jessica? How she ended in being thinking so deeply because of other people. She really loves Yewon, that's why she has those thought. About giving Yewon some space so that her other friends can play with her too but at the same time doesn't want it either. Well, if Yewon know what's on her mind, I think she will smile while pat SinB's head and saying that sje will leave her?
And I think it's sad knowing SinB only know about mother's loves just from some stories from Yewon and from the books. She can't get the experience in her real life and I'm glad that Jessica can gives her that love. How she looks so happy just because Jessica giving her some little tip, she loves her. No, they already love each other. I can feel it.

Thanks for updating this. You did a good job. Fighting! ^^)d
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Chapter 82: awwwww be eunbi's mommy jessica :")
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Chapter 82: awwwwhhh...jessica called her eunbi and I love it...haha!
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Chapter 82: Ooooh... serious discussion tomorrow... :)

Also, dear Author-nim, please do sleep well, you're always awake in the wee hours of the morning
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Chapter 81: awwww let the frozen ice melt :"
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Chapter 81: i woke up early just to read this XD <3
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Chapter 81: omo.omo..jessica is a marshmallow XD
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Chapter 81: So, their plan is succeed right? I can see that Jessica clearly jealous at them, her change of mood is too obvious. And judging from her reaction, I think she already know that they just being pretending? Is she still hesitate to adopt SinB? She's clearly cared for her, she already has a soft spot for the kid. How I hope she adopt SinB.

Now SinB has abandonment issues because of her past. :(
When Yewon has a new friend, she was jealous and become insecure, afraid that Yewon will leave her. She worried that Yewon will feel uncomfortable if she's too attached to her but at the same time she also worried about giving Yewon a space. If I thinking that again, it's makes sense that she act like that, she doesn't want to be alone. Well, I think what happened with her family makes some trauma at her, not with how her parents act but mostly at the idea of abandonment itself. That's why when Jessica asks Krystal if she want to abandon her, she react like that. And I think the idea of Jessica doesn't want her and the fact that Krystal just playing as her pretending mother succeed makes her crying like that?

Ah, this is just my opinion, please don't mind it. ^^'
I'm sorry if I'm blabbering something like this, I just can't help myself to thinking like that. ><

Thanks for the update, I'll wait for the next chapter, you did a good job, fighting! ^^)d
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Chapter 81: SinB's slip-up was expected, but I definitely did not see Jessica using the word "abandon" in front of SinB...
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Chapter 80: i hope each and everyone of them feel better :(((