Wanted Love

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„We are afraid to take risks but sometimes, some risks are those which will change our life.”

Taemin is a player and not believing in love as his relationships only last until he gets what he wants. Kai on the other hand gets a lot of confessions but rejects girls repeatedly. He does not feel attracted to them, is insecure about himself and a shy boy who just wants to lead a peaceful life. UNTIL his first kiss is stolen by none other than Taemin. Kai wants to take revenge and comes up with the craziest plan ever, but is the boy ready to play with fire?



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And by "more" I mean really heavy explicit (preparations barely realistic) scenery.

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1. Lee Taemin~

*a.k.a. player & heartbreaker*
Age: 21 (18.07.1993), Faculty: 3rd Year


2. Kim Jongin/Kai~

*shy but sassy*
Age: 20 (14.01.1994), Faculty: 2nd Year



3. Park Chanyeol~

*goofy, playful & protective*
Age: 22 (27.11.1992), Faculty: 2nd Year

4. Do Kyungsoo~

*quiet, sensitive & caring*
Age: 21 (12.01.1993), Faculty: 2nd Year

5. Choi Minho~

*flirtatious & nagging*
Age: 23 (09.12.1991), Faculty: 3rd Year

6. Kim Jonghyun~

*sentimental, trustworhty advisor*
Age: 24 (08.04.1990), Faculty: 3rd Year

7. Byun Baekhyun~

*cute, confident & lively*
Age: 22 (06.05.1992), Faculty: 2nd Year

8. Oh Sehun~

*lacks motivation, protective & observing*
Age: 20 (12.04.1994), Faculty: 2nd Year

9. Kim Minseok/Xiumin & Kim Jongdae/Chen~

*careful & pranksters*
Age: 24 (26.03.1990), Faculty: 2nd Year
Age: 22 (21.09.1992), Faculty: 2nd Year

10. Kim Junmyeon/Suho~

*polite & heartbroken*
Age: 23 (22.05.1991), Faculty: 3rd Year

11. Zhang Yixing/Lay~

*loyal, protective & up for a fight*
Age: 23 (07.10.1991), Faculty: 2nd Year

12. Lee Jinki/Onew~

*clumsy, lovely & faithful*
Age: 25 (14.12.1989), Faculty: 3rd Year

13. Lu Han/Luhan~

*cute devil in disguise*
Age: 24 (20.04.1990), Faculty: 2nd Year

14. Huang Zitao/Tao~

*freeloader, brave & crybaby*
Age: 21 (02.05.1993), Faculty: 2nd Year

14. Kim Kibum/Key~

*fashionista, rich, very understanding*
Age: 23 (23.09.1991), Faculty: 3rd Year

15. Kim Jungah/Jiu~

*sweet, caring & protective*
Age: 25 (1989), Owner of Kamong

family members and some other characters from SME included!
Korean universities take 4 years. The different ages in the years are due to SAT tests, taking breaks, military service etc. Students from 3rd and 4th year are considered seniors, regardless of age. 2nd year students are called juniors, and 1st year students are freshmen.

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Here, have some TaeKai moments before starting:




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Author's note: Hello everyone! Here I am with another BL-stroy. I normally do not ship TaeKai, because to me their friendship is simply gorgeous, if I shipped then it rather be 2Min or KaiSoo! But well oh well, I found myself going down the spiral of gifs and clips of TaeKai moments and damn they cute af! So, I needed to type a new fic dedicated to them.

Quick Sidenote: Since Jongin's real sister Jungah is not a celebrity, I'm not gonna use her real photos *goddamn she is pretty* in this fic, instead I chose Kim Minji (Jiu) from Dreamcatcher to visualize her in this fic. We're gonna call her Jungah in this tho. 

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