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Of all the worlds that man has created, that of the books is the most powerful.~ Heinrich Heine

About Me

Hello everyone!

You can all call me Shinki (^w^)/

I am writing short chapters here, because I really have a tight schedule. I create stories as I go, nothing really much preplanned.

Let me tell you where I get all my inspiration for writing my stories and fictions from.
It is all thanks to music, books, games and everyday life I would say.

The music that inspires me most is Adrian von Ziegler's stuff on YT, seriously whenever I listen to his music I feel like writing a script for a movie. I love listening to "background" music, while writing!
As for books, I am mostly reading Sebastian Fietzek (German author for thrillers). I love reading Horror rather than romantic books, because it is giving me the chills and I learn a lot about plot-twists.
Inspiration from games (JRPG, Shooter, etc.) is more like for the scenery, like if you have read my fictions you will notice that I am giving my best to describe every location to the smallest details, so that you have a better imagination of it!
And at last, everyday life, like yeah, I am observing my friends, my family, people on the streets and thus memorizing human behavior. It is interesting to observe how people react in differently occasions.

I appreciate every subscriber, upvote and every comment left on my fics! ♡

Thanks to everyone supporting me!

AKTF ♡♡♡♡♡