Cameras Rolling

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It's her first main acting gig for a drama... and her co-lead actress is who?!?!?!


Just another cliched thing that I thought of and want to write a wonha story based off of. I try to update as much as I can, but sometimes life does get in the way and it can cause small delays. I'm sorry!


Thank you for giving this story a go, I hope you enjoy!!

I can't believe this story has over 4000 views.... you guysssss, thank you so much, I don't deserve this TT_TT


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Chapter 50: Such a masterpiece, just like everything you do. I absolutely loved it, thank you for blessing us with such stories!!
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Chapter 31: Woah their reaction is so frustrating but it perfectly represents the sad reality of many people. I don’t know how you do it but you always manage to deliver the emotions and frustrations of the characters perfectly to the readers!!
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Chapter 24: They’re so mf cute my heart can’t handle it
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Chapter 16: Currently crying
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Chapter 1: Just started this, I’m hooked already hehehe
Chapter 50: I found this fic before I get to read secretary's secret, I'm missing WonHa nowadays, reading this making me hopeful that there's still active Gfriend writer. Even though this fanfic was a long time ago, but still, it's amazing. Thank you Author
Chapter 52: Good thing I had searched for other stories. Found this one, waiting me to read it. Thanks for this story author-nim. ☺️☺️
Chapter 52: I'm just sooooo soooo happy reading this again. Thank you always for this gem, authornim 🤍
Chapter 52: One of the best fanfics i've ever read!
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Chapter 1: Just gonna casually reread this, bc gfriend is leaving their label and I'm not ready for them to d*sband fjksvgfliuvgheua