Secretary's Secret

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Being Kim Sojung's secretary is complicated... not just because the woman is bossy and difficult as hell to deal with... not even because the woman is the CEO of Seoul's biggest fashion company and has the coldest exterior she's ever seen... no... for Eunbi, the worst part of it all was that she can't seem to get that demanding, intimidating woman out of her head no matter how hard she tries...

And the weirdest part?

She didn't want to either.


This story is the depiction of the storyline within Wonha's filmed drama from Camera's rolling


Thanks for giving this story a go! It's much appreciated. Updates will vary depending on how tight my schedule is but I'll do my best!

As always, feel free to leave me any feedback and thoughts. Always motivating to see readers still interested in this story TT_TT


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19 streak #1
Chapter 39: Great story, I'm glad you finished it 😊
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Chapter 1: gfriend stories are so scarce, I'm glad I found this one 😍
SahyoForLife #3
Hi author-nim!! So I just read this fic (literally within 5 hours it was so good 🤌) and I was wondering if maybe you could add like a bonus chapter ( a chap maybe🤭) because we're desperately missing both of them so so much! anyways thank you for this story entirely because it is the best no doubt 🙌
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Chapter 39: I just finished this and all I can say is that I’m in love. I’m in love with their story and I’m absolutely in love with the way you write author-nim. Not exaggerating or anything but I truly love your writing style so please keep it up. I’m so happy they got their happy ending, they both deserved it!!! Can’t wait to dive into your other stories!!!
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Chapter 33: DAMN, that last sentence gotta hurt. I do agree with Eunbi but I can also understand Sojung, it must be extremely hard having to come to terms to confronting your father
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Chapter 30: Crying while throwing up, neither of them deserve to go through this pain 😮‍💨😮‍💨 this is soooo good
205 streak #7
Chapter 28: Sojung’s feelings were portrayed here amazingly, I can even feel the frustration she is feeling. Not being able to live your life as you want to and love the people you want to love must be extremely horrible. Btw author-nim I’ve been reading this and it’s soooo good!!!! Thank you for mentioning it in your other storie 🤭 hehehe
Chapter 9: I wonder what kind of ual harassment policy does Aphrodite’s Fashion have.
Andrea_97 #9
Chapter 35: I came time to time to reread this, thank you so much for finish this fic. hope you can write some fic with wonha and sinrin...really miss those ships and you write teally good so I'll like to read something with this ships writing by you
otherwise_decision #10
Chapter 2: Chapter 2: You had me in the first half (dream sequence), not gonna lie.

I did a double take and had to flip back to end of Chapter 1 just to make sure I hadn't lost my marbles XD