Chapter Six

White Rainbow
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As the sun reached mid-afternoon hour, Lantian opened her lazy peepers. She blinked and rolled body over bed a few times before she decided to not close the eyes, and rose her back from the bed.

At that moment, Xiaolan unlocked the door.

“Miss, you wake up,” she said.

“Where is mother?” Lantian said.

“Madame goes to pagoda. I think now she is on the way back.”

Lantian rolled her neck, then dropped her legs down the floor.

“Miss, wash your face. I go to tell cook to prepare food for you.”

Lantian nodded.

After informing food maker to organize the meal, Xiaolan came back to help her mistress dress up.

“How is work that I told you to do?” Lantian stated.

“I searched already,” Xiaolan told. “Young mistress that you met in the park yesterday is really named Caihong, and she is a daughter of millionaire Yang.”

Wu’s girl narrowed eyebrows, “Daughter of Yang Fu?”

“Yes,” Xiaolan nodded. “She is second daughter. Her mother was fourth wife of millionaire Yang.”

“She is rich’s daughter. Why she did not tell about her surname?”

“I heard that her mother was a maid, then she became wife of millionaire Yang. After she delivered child, she passed away.”

“She was dead?”

“Yes. No one mentions about second young lady even maids in the house. I think perhaps because of her mother’s background.”

“Is she living in house of Yang?”

“Yes, she does. But she lives separately, not in big house.”

Lantian beat fan gently on her palm. In head was thinking of something.

“Miss, already,” Xiaolan said.

The mistress strolled off the bedroom, wishing to go to the dining room to make her stomach heavy, but when she passed her father’s working room, a voice called, “Stop.”

The young lady stepped through the unlocked door. She perceived her father was holding tensed face and her fourth stepmother presented in the space as well.

“Yesterday, why did you leave the party early?” Wu Guang said.

“I was bored, so I left,” Lantian said.

“Why didn’t you tell anyone?”

“I told Xiaolan to tell already.”

“You are daughter. You should inform parents before going anywhere, but you do not and ask the maid to do for you. Do you think your doing is right?”

Lantian narrowed her eyes. She did not understand what the father was talking about.

“You are woman, but you don’t act as a woman. You do not stay at home. You go to sleep outside. And when you come back, you look for trouble with people in house. You insult elder, you abuse your sister. Do you still think you are doing correctly?”

Now, she understood; someone was trying to hit in advance in order to win. The eldest miss held smirk on face and looked her eyeballs at the elder woman that was standing behind her pa.

Lady Mu dropped her eyes. Her body and feet were cold when she saw peepers of the big young mistress of the house. Actually, she just had purpose to get sympathy from her husband towards her daughter. Her heart was hurt to watch her daughter tremble all the time she met Lantian. She thought her kid should be treated as same as daughter of lady Chen.

It was not wrong to appeal for justice for daughter, but lady Mu did not talk about her or her kid misconduct; she usually changed story and always painted colors, especially she liked to build Dong Mei as a chick and Lanti

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