Chapter Twenty Six

White Rainbow
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Along the climbing route to the hill, Wu Feng walked slowly with the assistance of his private male maid.

The information he got from Lady Mei was still flying inside his head. He could not take it away yet, and he had to discuss it with Fengge.

“Lantian is stubborn and aggressive, but this time it is unbelievable that she dared to curse the ancestor. However, it was not her fault at all. Father is a person who likes to command and control and Lantian does not like anyone to control her. This kind of contrary will make them argue without stopping,” he said.

“I think if they compromise, they will not argue anymore,” Fengge said.

Wu Feng shook his head, “They cannot compromise.”


“Between father and Lantian there is a resentment that is hard to remove.”

“Is it because of Qiao Bulong?”

“Um.” Wu Feng nodded.

“I remember him. In that year, we took third miss to that hill and…” Fengge stopped his speech at this part.

“Um.” Wu Feng nodded his head. “Qiao Bulong lived on the hill at the East outside the city. When he was alive, he usually brought Lantian to his house. Because yesterday she went there, she was reminded of her teacher. I think Lantian didn’t want to talk about this but father triggered the fire inside her mind. Father is always like this. He never tries to understand others. He thinks he is the master of the house, everyone has to listen to him and follow him. He does not allow anyone to have their own spaces. He always thinks what he thinks or does is correct. That’s the point that caused the problem five years ago.” He paused for a few seconds, then continued, “However I don’t think father and Lantian can have a peaceful living even though there is not that problem because they are the same stubborn.”

“I can see it. Third miss is really like master, whether characteristic or personality; that’s why master adores her so much. If she was the boy, I bet she would be second master.”

Wu Feng smiled, “Correct, they are like one person.”

“I don’t understand why just because of Qiao Bulong, third miss is angry with master for five years.”

“Qiao Bulong is not the only reason. There are many reasons, just his case is the main cause. In fact, Lantian is not happy with father because she feels father treats eldest mother poorly. Since she was young, she didn't like father because she saw him always blaming eldest mother. She wants to protect eldest mother, she tries to make herself strong like a man, but eldest mother wants her to be like any other girl.”

“Um.” Fengge wagged his head. “I remember when third miss was seven years old, she liked to come to learn martial arts with you. Then eldest madam came to take her to learn how to cook. She argued with eldest madam and locked herself in room for one evening. After that, eldest madam didn’t force her to learn cooking anymore, but third miss didn’t come to study martial arts with you either.”

“Because she didn’t want eldest mother to be upset, so she stopped learning martial arts. In the house, eldest mother is the person she loves and cares the most. She tolerates living in that house because she is concerned about eldest mother. Lantian is free spirit, but over her body and in her daily life, at least she has one thing that is related to eldest mother. For example, she likes the color blue. All her things have to be blue, but because eldest mother likes white color; hence, among the things she uses, she will include white.”

“Like her dress.”

“Um.” Wu Feng wagged his head. “She does everything for the sake of eldest mother, but eldest mother does not understand. She always listens to father and does everything he tells, and that’s the point Lantian does not like. Talking about this recent problem. If people saw Lantian drunk, they would think it was because of father, but it is not. The person who made Lantian upset strongly is eldest mother.”

“I see.”

“Lantian wants eldest mother to learn to say no, but eldest mother does not,” Wu Feng carried on. “Eldest mother is a conservative woman. Her mind only thinks of the rule of women, listen to husband, serve husband, look after house, take care of children. Her life always lives for others. Lantian wants to help her mother. She wants her to live for herself, but it is hard to change, because she has lived such a living for fifty years. In addition, eldest mother always wants to change Lantian to be like her. It is impossible. What makes Lantian angry with eldest mother the most is that it is not her own idea to force her to change, it’s father’s idea.”

The eldest bro whined very long and shook his head as he talked about this part.

“I can see that,” Fengge said. “Speaking honestly, third miss is really very creative and smart. I bet if she was the son, including the child of the eldest madam, master would surely let her inherit his work.”

Wei Feng nodded as he granted the same as his mate. “Lantian is really awesome,” he said. “Mother ever narrated that Lantian was born in the morning. That day, over the house the sky was clear blue and shiny. Father saw i

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