Chapter Fifteen

White Rainbow
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As the sun showed up in the sky, every part of the capital of Song was full of noise and in the morning, in this city, the market was the most crowded place.

Like other houses, the maids of Yang had to go to the market to get things to fill the stock waiting for the occasion to use. That day, Caihong followed the maid to the commercial area to purchase what she needed to use in her own campus.

Before the store of embroidery material, the girl was picking up, while the Yang’s maids were buying the fruits.

Opposite of where the young lady was standing, it was an eatery named ‘The Stone Restaurant’ which was a regular breakfast or lunch locale of the three playboys of Lin’an.

On the first floor, by the railing, Chen Huan was sitting in a chair waiting for his male friends with eyebrows tied all the time.

As the pair of his buddies arrived at the table, he yelled, “Why do you take so long?”

Wei Feng put things on the table and showed irritating expressions to Liu Tao. “Because of him. I bought it already, but I waited for him,” he claimed.

Son of Liu was not concerned about his friend’s idea. He applied buttocks on the seat in between his two friends and checked stuff that he spent money on within smiling over lips.

“Young master Chen, it is the change.” Wei Feng withdrew money from pocket to hand to Chen Huan.

“Keep it,” Chen Huan said.

“Thanks,” Wei Feng said, and hurriedly put money into his bag. Then he put his buttocks in a chair in contrast to his kind friend.

Chen Huan inspected a hairpin that he just told his two friends to purchase for. The thing was average price, in the brand jewelry shop. 

Just seeing the action, Wei Feng could sense Chen’s son was getting a new toy. He took a sip from the tea cup before he called, “Young master Chen, this time, which is the family's daughter who is so lucky?”

“I don’t tell you.” Chen Huan giggled.

“Come on, young master Chen. Tell us. We promise we won't tell anyone.”

“Next time.”

“Fine.” Wei Feng grinned then he turned to Liu Tao who was still checking his bought things. “What did you buy?” He said, then dragged those things to check.

“Cloth. Hairpin. Lipstick. Eyebrow drawing pencil. Powder,” Wei Feng counted. It was a surprise for him to see what his buddy had; however, he perceived why his friend got these things, and that made him angry.

“You are crazy.” He slapped the head of Liu Tao one.

“What’s the matter?” Chen Huan said.

“He likes mayor Wu’s daughter,” Wei Feng told.

“Master Wu’s daughter? Wu Lantian!” Chen Huan said.

“Yes,” Wei Feng said.

“She doesn't love men.” 

“That’s why I decorate myself as a woman,” Liu Tao explained.

“Are you kidding me?” Chen Huan wrinkled his eyebrows.

“I am serious. I have to become a woman,” Liu Tao said. Then he pulled his chair close to Chen’s seat and stated, “Young master Chen, can you help me to check what I should buy more? I want to be a beautiful lady in front of young lady Wu.”

Hurriedly, Wei Feng pulled the obsessed guy back, “Stop it. Throw it away.”

“No,” Liu Tao yelled, and hugged his stuff to chest.

The two males argued, making the eldest young master of Chen feel bored; he escaped eyes to relax from the boring combat between his two companions, suddenly, his peepers threw down and perceived Caihong that was staying among the maids of Yang.

“Who is that girl?” Chen Huan said.

The two men paused their messy acts and came to help their group leader.

“They are maids of the Yang family, so she might be a maid too,” Wei Feng said.

“Look at her dress, I don’t think

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