Chapter Twelve

White Rainbow
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Lake of Central pagoda was really beautiful, like a pond in heaven. There was a bridge attaching the pagoda to the water. Walking way was filled by green grass, like the rug, from the bridge until the loch. Along the bank of the lake, small yellow wild flowers were growing within the greenery. In the pool, the water was crystal clear like glass allowing the viewers to see colorful fishes swimming. When the wind blew, it created small waves on the surface of the stream. Hundreds of mandarin ducks could be seen over the blue liquid. The birdies played in the water happily; some were couples, some were groups.

The like-painting-view made the Wu and the Yang smile bigger over their faces. Girl Lifen was the happiest, next was Caihong – it was her first time to see such a beautiful natural view.

“Sisters, look, that mandarin duck is white,” Lifen said.

Everyone threw eyes at a white shade bird that was swimming solo.

“Is it alone?” Lifen said. Her face seemed to be upset.

“Soon, its partner will come,” Liqing said.

Later on, another white mandarin duck swam from a distance. It went closer and closer until it reached the same color birdie; after, the two went along together.

Youngest of Yang smiled her cheeks up as she witnessed the birds were loving each other.

“Look, it has a partner,” she said.

The fellow and colleens enjoyed along the pond contently.

During the trip, Ehaung stayed close to Longwei without stepping away even once. She protected the man from any of her sisters to get near, and if someone came nearby or made friendly contact with Wu’s son, she expressed crossed face immediately. Because of this, the girls lingered far from the fellow and did not dare to communicate much; except Lifen, this youngest behaved guilt-free.

Lantain saw everything, but she did not pay attention – because her peepers were following the second young lady of Yang that was watching the scene with a smile on her face.

Seeing Yang happy, she was happy too.

Next to the pool, there were various kinds of snacks. Lantian did not forget to inspect the eyes and face of Caihong - if she was interested in any food, she told her brother that she wanted it, and Longwei did not hesitate to pay for the small meal. All the times, he bought for everyone; and all the times, Lantian did not touch and provided to her maid.

“Miss, I’m full,” Xiaolan said.

“I tell you to eat, you eat,” Lantian claimed.

The young maid received the snack with a sour face. She tried to force it into her stomach, which was like a balloon.

Lunch time had almost arrived.

Yang’s ladies thought they would have a meal by the lake, but Longwei told them they would go to enjoy the food at another place.

“It is a little bit far. We have to go by cart,” Longwei stated.

The male maid brought three horse carts to stop before the master and mistresses.

“I prepare two carts for all of you,” Longwei said to the young ladies. “You are six, so each three of you can have one cart.”

“Third sister, I and fifth sister can sit together,” Li Ai said.

Hearing that she had to sit with Caihong, Ehuang presented her cross face immediately. She threw eyes to meet with her maid. Xiaojie understood her mistress’s meaning; she hurriedly claimed instead of her lady, “Yesterday, miss studied dancing hard and caused her right leg to be hurt. Doctor said though it is not serious, she cannot stay in a narrow space, especially when she sits.”

Daughter of the low concubine made her face lower; she perceived the definition that the female messenger of her sister had said. 

“Then four of us can sit together,” Liqing said.

“The cart is small. It will be hard for four of you to sit,” Longwei said.

“Let’s do this,” Lantian commented. “First young lady and her maid take one cart. Third, fourth and fifth young ladies take one cart. And second young lady comes to sit with us.”

If Caihong stayed in the c

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