Chapter Eighteen

White Rainbow
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Inside the wooden bathtub in the middle of the room, the third miss of Wu’s house was soaking body in the warm and fragrant water while her back was cleaned by a soft cloth held by the young female maid.

“I don’t understand why you adore miss Caihong like this,” Xiaolan said.

“Don’t you think Caihong is pretty?” Lantian asked.

“Yes, she is pretty. But the first young lady, third young lady, fourth young lady and fifth young lady are also pretty. Why don’t you cherish them?”

Elder daughter of Wu Guang extended lips.

“Look at your skin; it is red. Later on, it will be bruised,” Xiaolan said with concern. She immersed tissue in warm water then applied it on the shoulder of her mistress that was containing many pieces of dark pink color before she continued, “She is daughter of the millionaire, but her hands are hard, different from the hands of miss Yang Ying, slim and soft.”

Though it was true, Lantian did not wish to hear but she did not know what words to spell to refuse with the female servant besides changing topic to stop the harsh speaking over young lady that she fancied.

“Um, Yang Ying,” she waved her head. “Hurry up. I need to go out.”

Xiaolan popped her eyes, “Are you going out again?” 

“I haven't met Yang Ying for many days. I want to see her.”

“Many days?” Xiaolan cocked her head. “You just met her a few days ago.”

“Don’t speak much. Hurry up.”



From morning till after lunch, Caihong waited for the present of Wu’s girl, but she did not see even her shadow. The young gal assumed the elder female might not come.

Water lily that she planted near the grinder was spreading its generation. Size of the pot was not big enough for storing the flower’s whole family; hence, the lassie decided to organize a new pot for the newborn of the white flower at the entering way of her shelter.

After putting the pot, she carried the water to fill it by herself. Drops of liquid leaked from the basket, wetting the wooden floor. When she finished and wanted to get into the house, she stepped, innocently, on the slippery spot, and caused her to fall backwards.

“Be careful.”

Once again, Caihong found her body inside the embrace of the person that she did not want to meet.

Over face that was laying half way above the floor, the young colleen witnessed the feature of the woman, who liked to disturb her, closely and clearly. When her eyes met with the peepers of the handsome lady, the string of feeling re-arrived, making the daughter of Yang’s heart happen to have beating fast in the chest.

“Are you alright?” Lantian assisted the younger girl to stand her back. “No hurt?” 

Caihong shook her head, “No.” Actually, she felt her right waist was meeting a small aching, but she ignored the pain because it was a flash-hurt.

“I come to get my second wish,” Lantian stated.

Hearing the sentence, the face of the daughter of Yang Fu that was pale because of the last moment incident, was changed to be dark pink and hard like a stone. The young lady held an annoyed glance towards the elder woman. “You are tricky,” she said.

The smart judy’s cheeks raised up.

Caihong continued, “You drank wine, then got my bunny drunk by making it smell the odor of the wine that was on your hand.”

“Now, you see that I don’t need my father’s power. I just use my brain then I can win over you.” Lantian smirked.

It was a waste to argue about this point because, even though she admitted her failure already.

“What do you want me to do today?” Caihong spoke.

“I want to eat the fire sea dragon and the snow river.”

Daughter of Yang Fu felt silly when she heard, “What is that?” 

“You don’t know it?”

Caihong shook her head. “Change the menu,” she said.

“I want to eat that food. No change,” La

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