Chapter Twenty Five

White Rainbow
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After leaving the house, Lantian went to Wan Hau Lou. It was early in the evening, but she did not care. She headed to the room where she brought Caihong to get a waist massage from Yang Ying and closed the door. No one was allowed to enter even the beautiful Yang Ying.

In the room, from the evening until the night, the girl of Wu did nothing but drink wine. Several alcohol jars were called to deliver into the room in a row.

This action made Yang Ying worry so much, but she did not dare to oppose the female’s order to go in even though she wanted very strong. 

Due to their close friendship for years, the entertained girl was able to guess that her female customer had a quarrel with her own father. 

Mostly when having a fight with her pa, Lantian would come to Wan Hau Lou. If the fight was small, she would drink wine in her room and call her to sit with her. If the fight was big, she would be like this time – locking herself in her sister’s room and drinking wine alone.

About the quarrel at home, all the time, Lantian rarely narrated it. She liked to hide it inside and she did not like anyone to ask about it. 

Yang Ying understood very well. When she stayed with Lantian, she never asked, just sat quietly. That was a reason Lantian loved to come to this geisha. 

However, no matter how strong she was not happy, Lantian never released her anger over others; furthermore, she knew that women in Wan Hau Lou needed to work, so she didn’t disturb their business. Like this time, after she finished thirty jars, she left the store immediately.

The night was dark, Yang Ying would like to walk her home, but Lantian refused, she told she could go by herself, so the hostess had to free her hands from the high lady’s arm, but she called a male servant in the store to watch out from behind because she saw that her beloved client was strongly drunk

Though the body was controlled by the liquor, the daughter of the high governor was still able to manage her brain and mind. She remembered that she just had a fight with her father, so she could not go home now. She remembered that this hour was night, so she needed a place to sleep. She realized where she should go, so after leaving Wan Hau Lou, she told her feet towards that place.

“Second mother, eldest brother, I already have revenge for you,” Lantian yelled.

Lady Si was sleeping in her room. When she heard the noise, she hurriedly got off her bed and opened the door.

“What’s going on?” She asked.

At once Aunt Li arrived. “I don’t know,” she said.

Not only them but also Wu Feng and Fengge woke up.

“Let me go to see,” Fengge said and walked out towards the front gate.

“Second mother, eldest brother, I helped get revenge for the two of you.”

Hearing the voice, Wu Feng noticed it was his younger sister.

“Lantian,” he said and rapidly went after Fengge.

It was midnight already, why didn’t the girl stay home and come here? Mind of lady Si was worried; she hurriedly went to the living room and saw her son and his maid holding arms of her half daughter who was speaking and laughing like a crazy person.

“Eldest brother, I helped get revenge for you. He wanted to beat me, he wanted to beat me like he had beat you, so I told him to do it and he did not dare. Ha ha ha…”

“Lantian! What’s the matter?” Lady Si said.

“Second mother,” Lantian ran to embrace lady Si, “I tell you the happy news. Today I helped get revenge for you. I spoke what you wanted to say. I helped revenge for you, are you happy? Ha ha ha…”

The elder lady didn’t understand what the girl was talking about, but she could sense that this young lady might have a quarrel with her father. This time should be a big fight or she would not get herself drunk strongly like this. Though she was not her biological daughter, she loved her like her own child. Seeing her like this, her heart was in panic and hurt.

“Take her to the room,” she said.

“Yes,” Wu Feng said, then he and Fengge helped each other to bring Lantian into the room.

Lady Si showed a long breath. She didn’t leave the living room until the two young men returned.

“She fell asleep,” Wu Feng told.

“Um.” Lady Si wagged her head. Though her mind was not at ease. “Eldest sister is surely worried,” she said, “Aunt Li.”

“Yes, madame!” Aunt Li said.

“Tomorrow morning, you go to tell eldest sister that Lantian is staying here.”

“Aunt Li hurts her leg. I think I should go,” Wu Feng said.

“Is it good?” Lady Si said.

“It’s fine. And I want to know what happened as well.”

“But your health is not well.”

“Then I will go with young master,” Fengge said.

“You two…” Lady Si watched the two males with worried eyes. Then she dropped her eyes and wagged her head, “Fine, two of you go.”

“It’s late. Mother, you should go to sleep,” Wu Feng said.

“You too.” Lady Si nodded her head – and afterwards, everyone separated to their own rooms.

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