Chapter Twenty One

White Rainbow
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This morning, Caihong woke up a little late. Her waist was much better. However it was not yet healed, but she could not stay in bed; she had to get up to go to the main house to get the ingredients to cook.

When she returned and arrived at the front yard of her homestead, she found a hanging on the floor near the port of white water lily.

The girly picked the thing up. She scanned it and recognized it was the waist hanging of the daughter of Wu.

‘Wu Lantian comes!’

Immediately, she quickly went into her house and directed to her bedroom, but it had no shadow of the high lady. 

“Where is she?”

Then Caihong heard a noise in her kitchen. Hurriedly, the young girl got out of her room; she was on purpose to go to the cooking space, but when she arrived in the living room, she perceived the elder woman was organizing food on the table.

“You arrive!” Lantian said with her hands putting chopsticks on the rice bowl, “Come to eat.”

Caihong walked slowly near and asked, “You said you are busy today. Why do you come?”

“The queen called my mother to go to the palace. My mother wanted me to accompany her. But an urgent task happened, so the queen told us to go tomorrow, that’s why I can come to see you,” Lantian described.

The younger lady expanded her lips a little; afterwards, she walked close to the table and showed the hanging to the owner.

“It’s yours. I saw it outside,” she said.

Lantian looked at the thing in hand of the young sis; she perceived it was her property. 

“How can you know it is mine?” she stated.

“The thing that is strange like this belongs to no one but you,” Caihong expressed.

The governor’s daughter made her lips wide, “You pay attention to me,” as she expanded hand to take the hanging from the fingers of the younger colleen.

“Don’t speak nonsense. I don’t pay attention to you,” Caihong spoke in a slightly higher volume.

“Just the word ‘pay attention’, why is it nonsense?”

The younger girl locked her lips and turned eyes away. “I want to clarify. I don’t want any misunderstanding,” she said.

“What is the misunderstanding you’re talking about?”


The lassie felt hard to respond. In fact, she did not understand what she was saying either. In her mind seemed confused and felt silly.

‘What’s wrong with me?’ She thought.

Daughter of Yang felt a loss of face in front of the handsome lady for her clumsy words today. To escape from the shame, she hurriedly sat on the chair before the rice bowl and scanned the food on the table.

“Your waist hurts. I think you might not be able to cook, so I bought food for you,” Lantian told.

“A lot,” Caihong said.  

“In the kitchen, there are more.”

“What!” Caihong opened her eyes big.

“For you to eat until your waist is well done. You don’t need to cook,” Lantian stated and put buttocks on the chair next to the girl.

“I am alone. I cannot eat all of it.”

“If you cannot, then I will come to eat with you.”

Just hearing it, Caihong quickly yelled, “No need. I know what to do with it.”

Lantian felt funny when she saw the girl was trembling as she heard she would like to come to eat with her.

“I am very bad, I think, that’s why you don’t even want to eat with me,” she teased.

“No, it is not like that,” Caihong quickly denied.

Lantian chuckled, “It’s a joke.”

The younger woman felt at ea

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