Chapter Twenty Two

White Rainbow
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When Lantian arrived home, she told her brother about the millionaire Yang’s daughter’s invitation without waiting.

As we already know that Longwei was a gentleman; now the woman invited him, but he could not refuse because he did not want her to be upset or lose face. He rapidly sent his maid to inform that he would be available to go but he was able to attend the lunch due to having a task in the evening.

Just this was enough to make the first daughter of Yang grin from ear to ear. The lady worked hard to think about the menu and check the ingredients inside the house. She wished to show, on that day, her cooking skills that she has learnt for many years to the heir of Wu.


When the happy day arrived, in the early morning, Ehaung went to check the kitchen again because she did not want anything to go wrong.

Talking about Xiaojie, she went to check whether any of her mistress’s half sisters were playing a trick or not. Then she came back to report, “Miss, all of them have gone.”

“No one isn’t in the house, is it?” Ehaung stated.

“No one.”


The eldest young lady smiled big. After that, she got out of the cooking room on purpose to go to her chamber to choose a dress for meeting the son of Wu. Suddenly, her eyes met when her younger sister was walking past.

“Oh, I forgot about her.” Xiaojie made her head low.

Ehaung bit her teeth. “Find a way. I don’t want her to stay here until young master Wu leaves,” she said.

“Yes, miss.” Xiaojie received the command then she hurriedly went to the second sister of her lady, “Second miss.”

Hearing the call, Caihong stopped her feet and spun her head to the caller.

“What’s the matter?” She said.

“Master wants to eat persimmon, but no one is at home and the first miss is busy. In this house, there is only you who have no work. You should spend your effort a little bit as a payment to the owner of the house,” Xiaojie stated.

These sentences were clearly showing that this servant looked down on her. However, Caihong did not have any feelings – because since she was born she has received such an attitude from the maids, especially the private maid of her eldest sister. 

The younger girl turned to look at her big sis who was standing and looking from afar with a glance of hate. Then she wagged her head and said, “Fine, I go. Tell me where to get it.”

“Come with me.”

The rude maid took the steps and the low daughter of the millionaire walked after.

When they arrived at the front gate, Xiaojie told Caihong to get on the horse carriage by telling that she would be brought to that place. Then she whispered to the driver in secret before he climbed the cart and drove it off.

Seeing Caihong away, Ehaung felt released like she pulled the thorn from the chest. She hurriedly made her way to the room and began to select the finest clothes in her wardrobe in order to charm the special male guest.

Talking about Caihong, she did not sense anything. 

In the cart, the girl sat quietly. Once in a while, she opened the curtain and noticed the carriage was going out of the city. She had a wonder, but she remembered that she ever heard her father loved to eat persimmon that grew on the mountain; hence, she assumed that the driver was bringing her towards there.

It was correct; the wooden carrier drove towards the big hill. It climbed it then stopped.

Caihong stepped down from the cart and looked around. “Where should I go to take the fruit?” She asked.

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