Chapter Three

White Rainbow
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Lantian turned face towards the source of voice.

Before her was a girl of younger age, wearing fabric of cloud color. She had a pretty feature’s shape, along with a round pair of peepers which stored bright pupils like the diamond, covered by unswerving and slim inky eyebrows. As well, the fine size and pinky peony color of lips, and the light rose coloring on the pair of smooth cheeks, it was hard for the noblewoman to take her eyes away.

At the same time, the female junior also watched the Wu’s girl without moving her sparkling optics anywhere. She could perceive, clearly, the person who was standing before her was a female; however, she felt that this woman was very awesome in the suit of male; her charm was shown like the Tai mount that no man she ever met was able to beat. Heart of the young lass was experiencing waving paces that were heavier than usual.

“Is it yours?” Xiaolan said.

The girl turned to the younger female maid. “Yes, it’s mine,” she stated.

Xiaolan made a short glance at her mistress before she strolled her feet on purpose to give the hanging to the colleen who claimed she was the owner of the thing.

When the white dress girl enlarged hand to get the snowy object, immediately, something popped up in the head of the mistress of the younger maid. She yelled, “Eh, wait,” then she rapidly snatched the hanging from the hand of Xiaolan.

Action of the handsome lady made the female junior open her round peepers. However, she froze her feet and waited for the lips of the dame to unfasten.

“What is your name?” Lantian said.

“Caihong,” the girl said.

“Miss Caihong, you said this hanging is yours. Do you have evidence?”

“On the back of the pendant has the letter Hong.”

Lantian spun the jewelry and saw like the judy named Caihong had stated; however, she did not have intention to return it yet.

“This cannot prove that this hanging is yours.”

The sentence attracted the eyebrows of the younger lady to be narrow. “What do you mean?” she said.

“You might take it from others and name yourself after the letter on the pendant.”

“Do you want to say I am a thief?”

“I did not say. You said it.”

Not only the cheeks but also the calm face of the lassie was changed from light pink peony to red.

Seeing the junior’s expression, Wu’s daughter knew that she was having feeling of annoyance towards her. However, her mind was not distressed. She held the grin and walked her strong body to be on feet before the younger female about two steps, then she asked, “What is your surname?”

Lips of the younger lady were not open, and her eyes were looking lower.

“Even a surname is hidden. How can I believe this pendant is your property?”

Caihong raised up her big round peepers then threw an irate look at the mayor’s daughter. In contrast, Lantian replied with a glance of seduction towards the younger lady.

Just seeing the eyes of the stunning woman, the heart in the chest of the colleen was experiencing beating faster and heavier. This kind of strange race made the lassie feel uncomfortable; however, she tried to give herself an explanation that her unusual heart jumping was because she was angry.

The youthful lassie tried to calm down and spoke nicely as she didn’t want to cause any more trouble.

“It’s really mine. Please give it to me.”

“You did not tell your surname.”

Caihong locked her pink lips as her ears perceived the sentence.

“This pendant is not made from expensive jade. If you take it to sell, it does not give you much money,” Lantian stated.

“It’s mine,” Caihong said. “I don’t steal it. How can I sell it?”

The margi

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