Chapter Four

White Rainbow
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After leaving the Yang’s residence, young masters of Chen, Wei and Liu slid bodies into a gambling store to exercise their luck. Though they did not have much fortune; however, they were having good fun inside the space for hours before they made their feet off.

“It’s night,” Liu Tao said.

“Where do we continue?” Wei Feng said.

“What’s about wine?” Liu Tao suggested.

“Good idea.” Chen Huan grinned. “Let’s go to Wan Hua Lou.”

Wei and Liu showed a smile, “Let’s go.”



Wan Hua Lou, the paradise of men that had money, where pretty women, delicious food, good wine, and beautiful music could be found. With good feng shui - in downtown, in a huge size of land, close to a white water lily lake, this place was famous in Lin’an and was a favorite of wealthy Chen Huan.

Young master Chen was well-known as a spoiled kid - because his father was rich. His favorite activity, since he was young, was to create a mess around; however, his father did not blame him or we can say he did not have time to blame him.

Chen Hai, Chen Huan’s father, had lost his wife, due to illness, since little Chen was about seven years old. Though the lady had gone many years, still rich Chen did not take any woman into his house. He threw his body and soul into his walk of life the same as his partner, Yang Fu; that was why he and Yang went along together much more than other golden fishes. Every day and every breath both in and out of Chen were about money. From morning to night, whether working days or even new year days, he did not stay away from his business.

The house of Chen did not have only one young master. Besides Chen Huan, there was Chen Jian who was the youngest of Chen’s generation.

The two boys shared the same blood, but they were completely opposite, which caused the folks to find it was hard to believe they were brothers.

The eldest Chen Huan held a poor quality record whether he was small or big. During school, he had created many memories that his teachers, classmates, even his school principal were unable to forget. 

In contrast, the younger Chen Jian was born with a generous heart, knowledgeable and smart. He held noble character since he was a kid. He had obtained good scores during his school, and when he was youthful, he helped his father increase money while his brother helped spend money.

Every single day, Chen Huan spent his hours, from when the sun rose until when the moon got up, in gambling shops, wine stores and brothels. His talent in expanding was so great that could obtain a gold medal. However, his father still did not refuse to provide him money. Besides pocket money and monthly money, eldest Chen could ask for whenever he wanted, just he did not go directly to his father, he went to Chen Jian and told about the amount he wished for, then Chen Jian would go to inform his father to make the last decision – to give full or half amount.

Besides the above qualities, the biggest son of Chen Hai was a famous lady killer that most of the rich families in the city called their daughters to stay away from. However, the male still got his prey – who were naive females of poor houses or maids of wealthy residences.

Talking about Wei Feng and Liu Tao, even though they were the sons of millionaires, they did not get much cash like Chen Huan. Things in Wan Hua Lou were at a very high price, unless Chen Huan brought them or they did not dare to step in. In general, when going out, Chen Huan was the payer whether for food, wine, gambling or girl. That was why Wei Feng and Liu Tao clung with and respected every single word of the son of Chen.

Chen Huan preferred people to lift

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