Chapter Thirty Two

White Rainbow
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“What are you doing here?” She asked.

The elder sis rotated and smiled saying, “I am afraid someone will fall into the toilet because of shyness.”

“Nonsense.” Caihong glowered.

Actually, the elder sis was worried that the girl would meet any bother from the male like last time, that was why she followed her here.

This reason, the young woman was able to sense it, but because the female protector didn't reveal her true intentions, she didn't think she should show that she knew it. What she wondered the most was why this high lady liked to say something to paint herself a bad person rather than showing her true pretty color.  

After the teasing, Caihong walked into the hall and Lantian went after her.

Through the noisy big room, the second young lady strolled without burden or awkwardness. Since she visited it a few times, she felt normal to go in and out of this place. There was no fright as she wore a man's dress, no one knew her as a woman or a daughter of famous Yang; furthermore, she had a powerful bodyguard, there would not be any worry.

However, still there was a person seeing her and recognizing who she was.

It was lady killer Chen Huan; he was sitting with his two friends at a table at a corner. He saw Caihong was climbing the stairs and Lantian was stepping behind.

Not only him, Wei Feng saw too.

“It’s young lady Wu,” he stated.

Hearing the name of the woman in heart, Liu Tao hurriedly yelled, “Young lady Wu! Where is she? I’m going to change the dress.” Then he embraced his sack on purpose to go to the room to change clothes to be a woman, but Wei Feng pulled him back, “Stop being crazy,” and slapped his head.

“It hurts,” Liu Tao said.

“If you are hurt, then sit down or I will slap you until your head is swollen,” Wei Feng yelled.

Because of fear of pain, son of Liu agreed to sit with an unhappy face.

“Young lady Wu comes to Wan Hua Lou.” Wei Feng shrank his eyes when he noticed the person was walking before the powerful girl. “Who is she coming with?” He tried to look but because he saw the back, he was unable to find out who that person was. “It looks like a male,” he stated.

“Huh!” Liu Tao opened his eyes and lips. “Young lady Wu found a man already? What about me?” He sobbed then ran off.

“Hey, hey,” Wei Feng called.

“Go to see him,” Chen Huan said.

The male nodded then hurriedly got up to go after his stupid friend.

At the table, Chen Huan drank wine and at the same time his brain was thinking. 

In fact, when he perceived the second daughter of Yang, he wanted to go to her, but as he spotted Wu's girl, he was reminded of her strong fist that made his lips swollen for many days and her tough kick that made his belly still bruise till today.

That embarrassed event he didn’t tell even his pair buddies; he lied that he had slipped and hit himself with a rock.  

Though he didn’t have courage to do anything, he didn’t end his head to have an idea on the pretty illegitimate offspring of his father’s partner.



When the sky was dark, Lantian took Caihong off the flower abode.

Along the road, the daughter of Yang Fu walked and thought about the menu she should make for Yang Ying to taste.

Seeing that the younger gal was busy weening, the elder sis who walked next raised a question, “What are you thinking about?”

“Uh…” Caihong pulled herself back. “I am thinking about the food,” she told.

“No need to think. Just food.”

“You don’t understand.”

“I really don’t understand. Why are you so worried?”

“I need to think. My food is very common and I am not good at cooking. I am afraid that I will make their store have trouble.”

Lantian laughed as she heard the lassie’s words. This made the younger woman feel a little bit bothered. She turned her face to glare at the person who was giggling and said, “Laughing enough!”

“Just laugh, is it wrong?”

“It’s not wrong to laugh, but you laugh at me.”

“I don’t laugh at you.” Lantian stopped her feet and Caihong also froze her walks but she didn’t look at the female’s side.

“I laughed because your words were amused,” Lantian explained. “They are business people. They won’t allow your food to destroy their business. So don’t worry too much. Just cook. If they taste it and find that your food is not good, they will not accept your food.”

“Your mouth says you don’t laugh at me, but your mind, who knows!”

“My mind and my mouth are the same. If you don’t believe it,” Lantian grabbed the hand of the girl to put on her chest where her heart was, “touch it.”

“Hey,” Caihong yelled and quickly pulled her hand off.

Lantian smiled. “Why are you so nervous?” She stated. “Are you afraid to touch me?”

The girl didn’t say a word; her face held an angry expression. Still the high lady didn’t stop teasing her.

“How are you now? Shy? Don’t be shy. My chest is not different from yours. And I am so kind, you can touch me anytime you want.”

This grilled the colleen strongly. Because it was a big flame, was unable to speak; so, she chose to walk away – with her eyebrows knotted and her teeth clenched.

However, the steam inside the mind of the younger women didn’t bother Wu even a bit. On the other hand, she was very happy.

As the girl was walking ahead, she wished to follow, suddenly, she caught a voice behind her back. Though it was low, she could feel it was the sound of footsteps. It looked like someone was stalking them.

Nonetheless, the female scholar didn’t make the stalker know that she sensed them. She thought of a trick to play with them.

“Eh, pretty,” she yelled, then walked fast to grab the hand of the young woman and drag her to another road.

“Where are you taking me to?” Caihong said.

But the elderly woman didn’t tell. She just pulled the girl until arriving at a space, then in a quick manner, she dragged her to a dark small gap and put a finger across her lips, “Choo!”

Seeing that sign, Caihong shut immediately.

The two women waited silently.

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