Chapter Thirteen

White Rainbow
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“Please all young ladies go up,” Longwei said.

Stomach was crying inside the belly; though it was low, it provided bothering; hence, Yang’s young ladies went to the meal room without waiting for a second invitation.

Even though the space for eating did not have any special decoration, the female guests still admired it - because this common style brought relaxation to their eyes.

The eaters sat around the square table that had a suitable size for everyone to pick up food without knocking hands.

Lantian knew that Ehuang did not want to sit near Caihong, also Caihong did not wish to stay beside her eldest sister, so she separated the girls by preparing the eldest to sit near to her brother and the second to sit between Liqing and Li Ai. Within such preparation, the younger girl looked at ease; she had a good appetite, and this made the lips of the female senior expand very wide.

After the meal, the possessors of the grove freed the guests to enjoy the resort by themselves.

Like at the Central pagoda’s lake, Ehuang controlled the son of Wu very much; she stayed with him all the time. She asked Longwei to walk her to visit his property and because the male was a gentleman, he did not refuse and agreed to help the pretty woman to tour around the grove.

Walking behind the couple was Xiaojie who boasted her chest like a guard of the queen. Her way of looking at all the half-sisters of her mistress was annoying. However, Liqing, Li Ai and Lifen did not mind the low girl of her eldest sister; they enjoyed happily under the high green bamboo.

Caihong did not go to join any of the groups, she was having leisure time alone on a huge balcony next to the dining room.

Under the shade, it was warm and cool. Younger miss opened lungs to absorb wind then released the air out. This was the period that she was very relaxed. The lassie felt this was an opportunity in her life that she had to capture – after she arrived home, she wouldn’t know when she could visit such nature again. 

“Why do you stay here? My brother is over there.”

Caihong turned to see the owner of the voice. When she perceived it was the daughter of Wu, she dropped her chest and exhaled.

‘Why does she brother me?’ She thought.

Seeing the expression of the younger girl, Lantian realized that she felt not happy to see her, but she could not help, she wanted to stay near her. She walked to stay close; then the younger woman withdrew her body to keep a wide space between.

“I think you are pretty as well,” Lantian stated. “You might have a chance to win over my brother. My second bro’s mind is soft. You just smile at him, speak sweetly and pay attention to him is enough.”

It was disturbing to hear the same boring words. Caihong knotted her eyebrows and said, “You are not bored?” 

“No, I’m not,” Lantian said.

“But I’m bored.” Caihong spun to eye the woman, then noticed, “You speak many times, and I also confirm many times as well that I am not interested in young master Wu. So, please stop bothering me.”

The daughter of the mayor grinned.

“I want to believe you, but it is hard to convince myself when I experienced it once,” she said.

Hearing the sentence made the juvenile remember the day in the park. She sensed Lantian was trying to tell that she had hid from her about

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