Chapter Nineteen

White Rainbow
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“Sister Caihong worked here before,” Yang Ying said.

“Has she been to the Khmer empire?” Caihong said.


“Then how could she know about this food?”

Yang Ying peeped while the girl of Wu was picking up the fish and ate with her bowl of congee; her face was having a normal expression, but Yang Ying knew that in her mind was not very happy at all. Acknowledging this point, the pretty geisha tried to not disclose much information by telling that, “She had a friend, and he knew about the Khmer empire.”

“I see,” Caihong wagged her head. “Where is she now?”

Yang Ying dropped her face and said in a low voice, “She died.”

Perceiving the face and voice of the speaker, Caihong seemed to feel guilty. She hurriedly said, “I’m sorry to hear that.”

“Never mind.” Yang Ying raised face and tried to smile. “Have another bowl,” she said, then took the empty bowl from the younger girl to fill it before she put it on the same spot.

“Anyway, are you the owner of this place?” Caihong asked.

“No, I am not.” Yang Ying shook her head. “Mother Wang is.”

“Mother Wang? Is she your relative?”

“No, she and I do not have any blood relation.”

“Then mother Wang is a good person. She is not your relative, but she helps you to work and gives you pretty clothes, you are lucky.”

The claim made Yang Ying glance at the female without dropping. Pretty geisha observed her face and attitude, she felt the girl did not have any idea about Wan Hau Lou.

“Miss Yang, have you heard about our house?” 

“No. It’s my first time coming to your restaurant,” Caihong said.

“Restaurant?” Yang Ying popped her eyes.

Caihong waved her head one to confirm what her listener heard was correct.

“Wan Hau Lou is not a restaurant. It’s a brothel,” Yang Ying said.

Though the name of Wan Hau Lou was not familiar with her ears, Caihong knew what the brothel was.

“So, you are…”

Yang Ying fell her eyes, “I’m a geisha.”

Lips of the young lady of Yang were latched, even the chopsticks were frozen between the fingers. Mind of the girl was blank, she did not have a word to say besides unlock her round eyes.

The female entertainer made her face low. She was trying to smile when she uttered towards the daughter of the rich family, “I know miss Yang looks down on me. Working such a job is a shame. No one wants to be friends with.”

“No, no, I don’t look down on you,” Caihong spoke.

“If you

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