Chapter Eight

White Rainbow
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The big young mistress appeared inside the room of her mother with a free spirit over face.

“When I enter, I hear someone say I am great at hanging out.”

“Is it right or wrong?” Lady Chen said. “Your brother is working, and you play around from morning to night.”

“I’m not playing. I go to work.”

“What is work?”

“I do research.”

Lady Chen expressed “Ugh” from her tip of nostrils. She felt nonsensical towards her daughter’s indication.

“It’s true. I go out to do research on how big the world is.” Lantian shook eyebrows at her mother.

“You still dare to say!” Lady Chen glared at daughter. “I’ve got an invoice; you spent almost two hundred.”

Hearing that, the lips of the naught daughter were locked.

Lady Mei chuckled when she saw the big madame of Wu’s attitude. She noticed when her daughter did not come yet, lady Chen spoke in a low voice, when her daughter arrived safe and sound, lady Chen’s worry was removed, she gained energy, even her volume was full of strength.

Thing was just getting better. Lady Mei did not want her sister and her own daughter to have a dispute, so she tried to ease it. “Eldest sister,” she said, “Lantian has just arrived. Don’t blame her yet. Let her eat first.”

Words of the stepmother seemed to inspire the young girl with an idea. Immediately, she covered hands over her belly and cried, “Ooh, my stomach is hurt.”

Lady Chen jumped from seat.

“How are you?” she said.

“Mother.” Lantian showed an upset face. “My stomach is painful.”

Just heard that the daughter was not well, lady Chen’s face became pale like a boiled fish. She dropped everything from her mind and gently touched her kid and offered soft and sweet words, “Sit down. I think it is because you did not have a meal. I will call the maid to bring you food.”

Lady Mei and Longwei threw their eyes to meet. The two realized that the young daughter was acting; however, her mother did not even care whether her daughter lied to her or not, she forgot all angers when she heard her daughter was not fine. Such a lovely scene between this mother and daughter made the mother and son could not hold their grin.

After finishing the rice, Lantian added a bowl of hot soup. The dish was very good because it was made with the love and warmth of the mother. It brought energy and it refreshed the feeling once it came into the body. Young lassie did not remain even a drop in the holder

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